Essay About Life In The Trenches

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Essay About Life In The Trenches

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What Was Daily Life Like in a WWI Trench? - Daily Routine of a British Soldier in the Trenches

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Life has been tough here. What few clothes we have are tattered and torn and hardly keep the cold from coming in. It has been weeks since I have had a decent meal. The captain promised us that we would be getting better food rations in a few days but with the rumors of the Germans mounting an offensive at the western front it seems as if it will be a while before those rations get to us. The fruitcake that I brought over has been good.

It manages to keep my strength up. Please let Aunt May know that I have his personal effects with me should she want them back. Going to some place called the Somme River. Captain tells me that this could be our final push. They want us to cut off a part of the German supply route and maybe get the Germans to fall back. Thousands of men died. Germany thought they would have no problem taking out the two cities but were unexpectedly held up by the Belgium army. While being held up there they were again surprised as to how quickly the Russian army was able to advance into East Prussia.

Soon after which the British force also reached France and Belgium to fight against the Germans. The French and British fell back to the other side of the River Seine and regrouped. The Germans went into Ypres, Belgium to get supplies and rest. Soon after, the French and British armies arrived at Ypres to obtain a defensive position and stop the German advance. When the French and British arrived fighting broke out between them and the Germans. The fight lasted very long. The Battle of Ypres was a very historical battle because of the Ypres Salient, chemical warfare, and destruction.

Field Marshall Sir Bernard L. Montgomery, commander of the northern front, wanted a quick victory. The plan called for Allied paratroopers to secure key bridges and establish a foothold in the area so that armed divisions could move in safely. In summer , he served as artillery attachment in drilling practices near Ulm. He believed that the only successful way to deploy his troops was to be at the front of them. In September , the Congress of Vienna convened to discuss problems arising from the defeat of France. On February 26, while the congress was in session, Napoleon escaped from Elba and returned to France. Many veterans of his former campaigns flocked to his side, and on March 20, , he again took the throne.

The Congress of Vienna, alarmed by Napoleon's return to power, had reacted quickly to the crisis. On March 17 Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia each agreed to contribute , troops to an invasion force to be assembled in Belgium near the French border.

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