Term Paper Prisons Inmates Increase

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Term Paper Prisons Inmates Increase

While Essay on what it means to be a successful person the history of these Maganda pa ang daigdig ni lazaro francisco book report correctional facilities it will help to compare the different levels of security and how they work differently in each facility. These prisons are located in different states. Not This land is their land essay if you can write a paper on Prison Overcrowding in the United States by yourself? Therefore, studies based on all these will be best accepted in the An essay on the principle of population malthus situations. Narrative essay format for middle school a place which can hold An essay on the principle of population malthus who has committed a crime no matter how serious.

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Prisons Overcrowded Term paper While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements. Overcrowding of Prisons One of America's biggest problems today is the overcrowding of prisons. This began when the population of inmates started to soar in the 's. With the increase of rapist, murderers, and drug dealers skyrocketing, there is no reason to this overpopulation. The nation responds to this by building prison at a fast pace. But the construction has not kept pace with the soaring population of inmates. The number of prisoners under the jurisdiction of Federal correctional authorise at the end of reached a record high of , The increase for brings a total growth in the prison population since to , - an increase of about percent in the year period.

California's increase of about 4, prisoners in was the largest gain in the number of prisoners in any single jurisdiction. The overall increase in is 8. The largest increases occurred in Texas, up Eight state prison systems were so crowded that they sent at least 10 percent of their inmates to local jails in The largest ever one-year increase in state and federal prison population occurred in , when the number grew by 84,, said the study of the Bureau of Justice Statistics. State and federal governments are struggling to cope with overcrowded prisons that fail to rehabilitate and often release inmates early to make room for new offenders.

Inmates that are over the age of 55 have a higher cost for health care than young inmates, so in some states prison officials are letting out prisoners over the age of 55 to let in the new offenders. The health care for these The rest of the paper is available free of charge to our registered users. In each prison, ten random prison worker were selected to answer the questions related to their working conditions and the effects it had on their motivation as a prison worker and their intention to keep on working at the prison organization.

The total expected sample size was thirty prison workers. The three prisons chosen to send the surveys were Texas prison, Florida prison, and Montana prison. These prisons are located in different states. It was expected that since the period in which the surveys were sent to each prison to the date on which all the surveys were received back was a duration of two weeks. All the surveys were developed in a uniform platform and sent to each prison via email.

The reason for having a consistent platform for the survey was to develop some form of convenience that is familiar with the prison workers than any other type of survey. Furthermore, using email to send the survey was also a convenient way for the respondent and researcher to give answers, collect and analyze data thereby saving more time and effort. If you have a positive relationship with the inmates or you colleagues, will you leave the prison for any reason? Yes or No. After a period of two weeks when the surveys were received back, the data would then be analyzed. Furthermore, 78 percent of the prison workers were prison wardens while the other 22 percent were subordinate workers who were both office attendants and messengers.

Concerning the requirements of a working environment that are friendly, there was an opinion tie between having a balanced relationship with the professional and personal life and a good relationship with other employees. While 40 percent agreed that an excellent prison environment created a conducive working environment, 12 percent of the responded indicated that a better salary was most important.

Concerning the question about whether respondents would work with colleagues who they had previously had a conflict before, 82 percent of them indicated that they are still working with that co-worker. When being asked whether to keep on working at the prison or to relocate, 70 percent of the respondent replied that they would consider relocating to a new workplace whereas 10 percent stated that they would not leave the prison for any reason. Relating to the experience they had with other colleagues workers, 65 percent of the respondents claimed that they had had the experience before while 35 percent had not had a bad relationship with other members.

With the 65 percent, 32 percent of them indicated that they had not done anything to solve the issue, but only 20 percent chose to relocate to a new station due to conflict. The report had great importance in creating the survey questions that focused on answering the research objectives. The choice of prisons would give a broader view of the problems.

Instead of concentrating on a specific prison, different prisons would help to examine whether the problem was similar for different prisons. As expected, there should have been a positive relationship among colleague workers. However, the survey answers showed that their intention to keep working at the prison was not dependent only on their relationship with other colleagues. On the other hand, there were some limitations that the research faced. The first limitation was the respondents number. It was expected that 50 percent or more would be received back for analysis, but only 41 percent was received. Secondly, the survey was built in English, which was not convenient for other respondents especially those who worked as subordinate staff despite English being a common language.

To conclude, the purpose of this research, which explores the challenges that social prison works undergo as social workers. Such challenges include bad co-worker relationships, demotivation and a poor working environment in the prisons. However, a good co-worker relationship and their intention to keep working as a social worker have not been proved. As this paper reveals from the data collected, the intention of prison social workers to keep working at the prison did not only depend on their working relationships but with other many factors and reasons.

These reasons could be working environment, nature of the position or even salaries. Also, in their daily lives, prison social workers encounter the impacts of their relationships with mentally ill inmates. With the knowledge on mental illness, they develop appropriate treatment methods for the period that the inmate is convicted. To minimize these challenges, prison social workers are often called upon conduct parent support groups and inmate educational programs.

All these are aimed to support the relationship among inmates, prison workers, and children whose parents are incarcerated. Feeney, A. Inductive reasoning: experimental, development and computational approaches. Cambridge University Press. National Association of Social Workers. Social work speaks: NASW policy statements, Travis, J. From prison to home: The dimensions and consequences of prisoner reentry. Washington, DC: Urban Institute. Reamer, F.

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