What Are Some Banned Books?

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What Are Some Banned Books?

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Why This Book is Banned in Prisons

To keep the public informed about what is going on in the literary community, the American Library Association ALA maintains track of all challenges and bans issued every year. Schools, book stores, and libraries are the only venues where books that have been challenged can be prohibited from being sold or distributed. Fictional works such as novels, poetry, and plays, as well as non-fictional works such as biographies and dictionaries, are examples of works that have been banned. Religious discussions about J. In the United Arab Emirates, the books have been banned from all educational institutions. Not all religious responses to Harry Potter have been negative, as some have suggested.

As reported by the American Library Association, the Harry Potter series is presently the most questioned series of books in the whole twenty-first century. Book Challenges and Bans continue to be issued across the United States, with the most recent incidence being at a Nashville Catholic school in January As reported by the American Library Association, the Harry Potter series has become the most challenged novels of the whole twenty-first century. Even the Harry Potter series has moments of violence in it, despite the fact that many people celebrate the stories. When there is an action taken to ban books, then this behavior is a reflection of having a closed mind. It speaks to the idea that there is one perspective that holds truth in our world.

If your opinion falls outside of that thought, then too bad — your literature is going to be withheld from everyone, like it or not. Books are some of our best teachers. Books allow us to put the stories of life into their proper context. The narrative teaches us how to speak from an early age. We can learn some of our social skills from the process of reading. It can even be a way to engage new ways to think. The latter issue is usually why people want to bank books in the first place.

People often fear the unknown, which means reading something that feels uncomfortable is a threat which needs to be stopped. The reality of books is that they are our best teachers. Many banned books become celebrated classics of literature. Almost all of the classics that we read in various literature classes say something that the human race needs to hear. Even the Library of Congress has put together lists of titles that have helped to shape our heritage, each one offering something unique with extraordinary merit.

These stories are already designed to confront the various issues of their time, including moral, social, and political problems. Trying to ban the book will not prevent the idea from being unleashed on the rest of the culture. If anything, the act of banning a book creates more of an urge in the general public to read the narrative instead of ignoring it. Books have the capability of changing the world. There are some books that people have read that have changed their life. When there is a restriction of free thought, then we encounter the most dangerous subversion of all. From an American perspective, the idea that one offended person can stop everyone else from enjoying the right to read is about as un-American as it gets.

It prevents the exploration process of others. Challenged books contain themes that are designed to be challenging to the average reader. You want to know the reasons why characters choose to take the actions that happen. Readers want the chance to question, explore, or even be offended by what they encounter in the narrative. Could this be a bad thing? Critics say that even the decision to act violently is a personal choice that occurs instead of being something that the book inspires. Many efforts to ban books involve personal opinions instead of facts. Although there may be passages in books that may be explicit, there are times when the real world functions the same way. When someone decides to take a gun to a mall to commit a mass shooting, that behavior is a response to specific stimuli.

We must look beyond the action to the bigger picture to understand what is happening. Instead of getting lost in the small moments of a passage, we must take a look at the entire story as a whole. People tend to make the correct decision if you give them a chance to review all of their options. Banning books stops that process. Tastes and preferences change over the years. When it was first introduced in the s, most evangelicals set the content aside, encouraging others on the further right to avoid it altogether because it was in-your-face.

There were Bible studies developed to complement the series. Cole said The Color Purple lands among the most banned books precisely because it challenges what "we the white we believe is good, moral, godly, human. The novel tells the story of Starr Carter, a teenager who witnesses the fatal shooting of her best friend, Khalil, at the hands of police. The book was lauded for its frank discussion of race, and for showing racism's corrosive effects. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's also been controversial from the beginning.

According to the ALA, the book was challenged for profanity and was thought to promote an anti-police message. In , the book was banned by school officials in Katy, TX for "inappropriate language. Published in , F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby remains a staple of English curricula for its examination of s culture, as well as themes of greed, obsession, and the American Dream. Like many classics, The Great Gatsby is not without controversy. In , it was banned for sexual language; in , The Great Gatsby was pulled from an Alaska school for the same reason. In , the Alabama State Textbook Committee accused it of inciting ''bitterness and hatred toward white people. The book continues to stir controversy for containing sexual content, racism, abuse, and profanity.

It was most recently challenged in First published in , Of Mice and Men is still in the cultural conversation. The page book, which follows two migrant workers in Depression-era California, made the Top 10 Most Banned and Challenged List in In the midth century, the book was frequently challenged for its profane language. Though in Chattanooga, TN in , Of Mice and Men was challenged as a summer youth program reading assignment due to Steinbeck "being very questionable about his patriotism" and having an "anti-business attitude.

In more recent years, the novel was challenged and banned for its use of racial slurs and depictions of marginalized people. In , a parent in a Kansas school district called the book "derogatory towards African Americans, women, and the developmentally disabled" when filing a challenge the book was ultimately kept in the curriculum. The most common reasons include the fact that it features a transgender character and conflicts with religious viewpoints, according to the ALA. George is about a transgenderr girl named Melissa who knows she's a girl, even though the rest of her class sees her as a boy.

Melissa auditions to be Charlotte in the school's version of Charlotte's Web. Author Gino is not surprised by their debut novel's frequent banning. A Clockwork Orange is the rare instance in which the movie is even more controversial than the book. The works' main character, Alex, is a year-old gang leader determined to enact violence—and he does, committing numerous shocking acts. Consequently, the dystopian novel has been banned for graphic sexual violence. Stanley Kubrick's movie adaptation actually depicts these scenes. The movie was released in to uproar—politicians and the press alike claimed the movie would lead to real-life violence.

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