Research Paper About The Internet

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Research Paper About The Internet

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Using the Internet as a Research Resource

Naing Win Aung Nelson. JOUR 2. Professor Dada. December 5, With the improvement of the technologies and the public release of the Internet, most of the individuals are indirectly influenced by the adjustments in the mass communications and also the social practices and communication between the groups and education. Subsequently, this enormously affects the development of young children particularly on the use of the Internet as they are interacting with this innovation at incredibly young age. Hence, the parental intervention ought to be issued and examined among parent guardians so they can control or limit the utilization of the Internet by children if necessary.

This paper will take a look at the studies led by the scientists concentrating on the Internet and online networking use among the young kids. Besides, the development issue will also be discussed. The impact of the Internet usage on children age With the Internet release to the public in the s, not only does it affect the way the media works, but it additionally has a huge influence on the development of the children mentally and socially. Despite the fact that the millennial had various media when they were growing up, they did not need to manage the issue with the advanced innovation and technology like the Internet.

Communication plays a huge role in the development of children. However, social networking sites become abundant as it continues to grow along with the expanding social network users in the United States especially teens Bauman, Despite the fact that children are safe to use the social networks that are targeted among particularly younger children, there have been worries about the development of the children concerning their physical behavior, the psychological impacts, and the interaction with individuals, for instance, their family and friends. Thus, Bauman stated that children who have invested a predominance of their time with social networking would be liable to experience issues when interpreting the content within an actual communication due to the absence of learning of nonverbal gestures and facial expressions.

As technology is changing how education functions, and the way the communities communicate with one another, it is essential that children should adapt to the usage of the Internet in this technological era. However, alongside the websites that have many components and necessary technology skills for young children, there have been several issues with them. Children can easily misuse a site. Bauman, Quality- We are experienced and have access to ample research materials. We write plagiarism Free Content. Confidential- We never share or sell your personal information to third parties. Support-Chat with us today! We are always waiting to answer all your questions. Your email address will not be published. During a long walk on a Sunday it occurred to me that the commutator might be the analogue of the Poisson bracket, but I did not know very well what a Poisson bracket was.

I had just read a bit about it, and forgotten most of what I had read. I wanted to check up on this idea, but I could not do so because I did not have any book at home which gave Poisson brackets, and all the libraries were closed. So I had to wait impatiently until Monday morning when the libraries were open and check on what a Poisson bracket really was. Then I found that they would fit, but I had one impatient night of waiting'. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. How did researchers find articles before the Internet and the computer era?

Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 7 months ago. Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 18k times. This really makes me wonder how people in the past did that: Did they have to read the entire book to find a piece of information? Does that mean people in the past before the Internet worked harder to achieve their degrees? Does that mean that research before relied less on references? Improve this question. David Richerby An interesting observation from in the field of language teaching methods, the campus bookstore gives the impression the field has only existed for ten years; the library gives the impression nothing has happened in the field for twenty years.

Footnotes were useful for tracing ideas backwards in time. This results in a tree structure. One of the early uses of computers s was to take some 20, footnotes from professional journals and sort them in inverse fashion, resulting in a data set that could be used for tracing ideas forward in time. Not an answer to your question, but an interesting tidbit. While I certainly agree with the premise of this question, it makes me feel older than I'm comfortable with Your imagination may be exaggerating the difficulties.

Things weren't really that hard when I was younger, although it got a little inconvenient for a while after the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria. Anecdote: As a first-year grad student in early , I heard about measurable cardinals and wanted to know what they are. I was unable to find a definition until several months later when Joe Shoenfield's book "Mathematical Logic" appeared. Dana Scott's paper "Measurable cardinals and constructible sets" had appeared several years earlier, but I didn't know about it. Show 7 more comments. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Buffy Buffy k 61 61 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

When I needed to access papers I started by collecting coins. Some went to feed a parking meter. The photocopy machines got most of them. I made good use of the interlibrary loan system - even though the uni I was at had a very good engineering library, I was after books by Judge, Ricardo, Cummins etc all famous names then and still now In the mid nineties, while still at school, I did my work experience week at the Bodleian Library in "the stacks". Requests for books would be written on slips of paper and fired via pneumatic tube from the reading rooms across the road. The work was to go and find the requested books, load them into wooden boxes, and put these boxes into the automatic delivery system - an impressive mechanical machine, which would 'read' the destination according to the position of a slider on the front of each box.

Now it's all been dismantled and only exists in the minds of people such as myself. A true joy not. Buffy I was trying hard to forget those Show 6 more comments. Nimish Mishra 5 5 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. Charles E. Grant Charles E. Grant 2, 15 15 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. There were also abstract collections for each discipline, so you had Biological Abstracts, Zoological Abstracts, etc. Chemical Abstracts looked like this. In my undergrad education in chemistry just 10 years ago, we had a class that taught us how find research using indexes like Beilstein.

I found it quite fun leafing through old books to find answers. I personally find it much easier to browse and visually scan scientific literature in print than on screen. Add a comment. Comment extended to post: My impression is that part of the answer is "they didn't", or more precisely "they were only as good at it as their own knowledge and that of their communities". So I ended up comparing Proceedings of the AMS due to their long back-catalog of freely accessible issues , and came up with this "reference" means "bibliography item", not "place where a bibliography item is being cited" : I picked 13 of the papers from Proc.

I can only explain this discrepancy in two ways: the literature has grown much larger, and not just by the addition of new disciplines but also by more people writing about the same discipline; as the OP observed finding relevant references in the literature has gotten easier thanks to the Internet, Google Scholar, etc. I don't know how to properly disentangle these two causes. Laurel 6 6 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. Notice that today, too many papers are published and most of them repeat a little bit the ideas of previously published papers by same authors I heard that the average paper has today just 2 readers. In it was probably more. BasileStarynkevitch Does 2 readers include the reviewers? This is something I forgot, but in the article mentioning that "too many papers" I think it was no If you have precise references, please give them here!

But as a "semi-academic" working at something claiming to be a research institution since my impression is that the productivity of researchers has decreased during my professional lifetime. We collectively spend more time on searching funding, communication, but less time on scientific research. And that might explain why scientific progress is decreasing w. Likewise, I have the impression that the collective technical knowledge of Europe is decreasing It's more of a starting point. A proper analysis would begin by figuring out how the number of references should grow with the length of the paper by comparing papers of different length from the same time , and then controlling for that confounder.

Also my n's are a bit on the low side, and in hindsight it looks like the medians are more informative than the means here. Show 2 more comments. Erwan Erwan 12k 1 1 gold badge 25 25 silver badges 55 55 bronze badges. I can remember the process of reading one paper in a journal, which would refer you to several others, which would do the same, until you'd built up a nice network of interlocking references about a subject. It was more time-consuming, but there was also a greater possibility of discovery -- the book or journal next to this one on the shelf might be useful even though it wasn't directly linked by reference.

Joe McMahon: This process of using references, references of references, references of references of references, etc. Usually for a very specific topic, a few iterations of this leads to a few dozen references takes a few hours in a library , and finding something relevant that "hardly anyone knows about" was difficult. Often, this happened a year or two later while looking for something else! Certainly when I did my PhD I would read the relevant journals when they came out, as well as browsing previous issues. My supervisors would learn at conferences who was working in my field, and get people to send me advance copies of their publications. And then I would follow the citation trail. Necreaux 2 2 bronze badges. But the upside is that in those days, it was much harder to find complete nonsense by some fraud who is not afraid to share everything he thinks he knows about something.

Time traveling 2nd sentence unfortunately is still not working.

I find it hard to write a literature review, even though I have Google, the Internet, and all free, very easy to search for information tools. Components of a rhetorical analysis essay 32 Issue 1 Thesis statement for endangered species protection You could check books out with a library card, and you How does carbon 14 dating work? to return them usually within Writing in first person fiction How does carbon 14 dating work? or pay a small fine.