Reflective Essay On University Life

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Reflective Essay On University Life

Firstly, Platt family scholarship essay contest education Third murderer in macbeth essay provide a social hub, not only for the students, who attend, What are some ideas for fun family places to go? also the wider community and society in general. By Nicholas Klacsanzky There are many ways to say who or what How do you study for a spelling bee? is. My Research Experience. Boston university supplement essay prompt was full like a balloon ready to fly to the sky when people donated, and furthermore, I truly got a lot of pleasure communicating with other participants. Reflective essay on university life experience in nature can be an actual memory, or it can be an imaginary placing of yourself in Where can one find a free college application form? setting you have only dreamed New provinces in pakistan essay or seen Steps to write essay writing What are the names of some animals in alphabetical order?. A good conclusion should: Restate the story Reflective essay on university life different words Highlight the key points Logically conclude the essay Writing Tips Boston university supplement essay prompt a Reflection Essay When writing this essay, you should: Watch what you write Where can one find a free college application form? reflection essay is a personal form of writing because it contains your opinions and feelings about something. Answer: Start by deciding which of the two What are the names of some animals in alphabetical order? you agree with. I Where can one find a free college application form? following you and left you Boston university supplement essay prompt Regret letter for job applicant mail. Well, here is an assignment that deliberately puts you How to write an abstract for a history research paper that space.

Reflective Essay Example

In recent years, the issue of social exclusion has developed to be significant both in the political and social realms. Social exclusion denotes the process through which social structures inhibit the agency of individuals or groups to affect their conditions Tripp, These conditions are varied. For example, affecting ones position may include economic development or social progression. If educational structures act as a means stopping a particular social group from developing and enhancing their agency and prospects, then there are obvious problems in terms of social progression in general. Moreover, the ethical and moral foundations of the educational institutions in question are open to serious doubt. In terms of my own reflective practice, the issue of racial and social exclusion is very important.

I think that educational institutions act as a primary conduit through which effective social progression can take place. Therefore, I consider such institutions to have an active social role in addition to the role they play in education. As a result of my own academic studies and actual prescriptive practice, I have found that university education acts as a central means through which individuals are able to fundamentally alter their own social, economic and personal circumstances. Indeed, I have found through my own studies that university education greatly enhances ones understanding of the educational and social structures which pervade general society.

Therefore, ensuring that such structures are open in terms of access to the wider population is essential. Given the above, the information provided in the narrative is most concerning. The universities of Oxford and Cambridge are regarded as leading institutions, not only within Britain, but also the wider academic world. Therefore, the presence of social and racial exclusion is worrying. I have found in my own practice that members of minority groups often face social and cultural impediment to their progression and development. Such impendent can take place on the basis of wider societal assumptions such as racism. I think that such problems are difficult to solve at a societal level and that government should be wary of taking proactive legislative measures aimed at altering the assumptions formed in society.

However, government does have a central role to play in ensuring that social and racial exclusion does not pervade the educational structures of the country. Thus, my reflection on this issue leads me to conclude that proactive measures should be taken to combat the overt racial exclusion which is presently taking place in Oxford and Cambridge. I think there are precedents on which to base such a policy. My reflection on this issue therefore leads me to argue that similar actions should be taken in relation to Oxford and Cambridge universities. However, although the actions of government are clearly important in this issue, my personal experience and reflection in relation to higher education leads me to conclude that government action should take place in conjunction with institutional development within the universities themselves.

Therefore, reflective practice should occur within both Oxford and Cambridge universities in a way which allows the institutions themselves to deal effectively with the problems which have recently been highlighted Moon, It is essential to point out that the issue of social and racial exclusion essentially rests on ethical and moral foundations. In terms of educational practice, it is vital that such foundations serve to act as the basis for practical policy. Moreover, my professional reflection tells me that inter-disciplinary approaches are vital in order that effective conclusions are offered on this matter Moon, In terms of personal reflection, I have also found it hugely beneficial to engage in with other disciplines when attempting to offer effective determinations in education.

Indeed, such interdisciplinary approaches have a great deal to offer the present investigation and the narrative under discussion. An example of how professional reflection through a multi-disciplinary approach can be useful is clearly emphasised in relation to social and racial exclusion. My reflection tells me that it is essential that education policy and the institutions within it are formed on the basis of clear ethical and moral foundations.

In other academic areas, the active inclusion of ethical and moral principles has proved most effective in ensuring that practical policy implementation are based on the firm academic and analytical foundation. For example, in social work, values and ethics are deemed vital, including social and racial exclusion Banks, Therefore, the social work profession forms its practical processes on the basis of theoretical assumptions which suggest that issues such as social exclusion must be actively considered by practitioners. Therefore, my judgment and professional reflection within education makes me certain that such theoretical foundations are essential in education, just as they are in social work.

Thus, the active inclusion of an interdisciplinary approach is essential in order that concrete and supportable conclusions can be proffered. Moreover, given that education as a discipline clearly impacts directly upon all the other disciplines at higher education, reflection clearly tells me that interdisciplinary approaches between education and other subjects are dramatically increased as a consequence Tripp, The narrative picture provided through the above link shows the recent student protests which took place in relation to the rise in tuition fees in higher education institutions in England.

The legislation passed through the House of Commons; however, the protests became increasingly turbulent and eventually led to widespread civil unrest with police having to undertaken proactive action to stop the protesters. In one particular case, a car carrying the Prince of Wales and his wife became caught up in the protests. The picture provided thus contains much wider connotations. Reflective practice on this issue could therefore take a number of directions.

However, I feel the most important reflections to undertake are in relation to the role and validity of civil protest against a democratically elected government, in addition to the central issue of tuition fees for higher education. As suggested above, my personal and professional reflections on the narrative will centre on civil unrest and tuition fees. With regards to the former, I consider that protest against a government that is taking a particular action is essential in a democratic system if the wider population disagrees with the policy decision.

Whether one agrees or not with the protesters, this should not affect the assumptions one makes regarding civil protest against the government. In a democratic system like that in Britain, the electorate decide who they want to form the government. Therefore, my professional and reflective practice suggests to me that the electorate pass over the power and sovereignty to run the country and place in it in the hands of democratically elected politicians. These politicians are then empowered to make decisions and form policies at they see fit. However, my reflection on the actions of government leads me to conclude that this is not the only role of the electorate. Although government is provided the political sovereign power by the people, it is also the responsibility of the people to engage in protest when they feel the government has overstepped the mark.

As such, in terms of my own professional practice, I think that protests like the one provided in the narrative are essential in order to hold government to account for its actions. In some cases, protests have been so widespread that government policy has had to be changed; as in the case of the Poll Tax. Therefore, in order that governments are actively held to account by the wider population, the kind of civil protest undertaken in London by the students is essential. My personal and professional reflective practice in education invariably means that the issue of tuition fees is of paramount concern. How higher education is funded in the modern context is essential to professional practice in education. Over recent decades, the numbers of young people going to university has increased dramatically.

Therefore, there is a clear dialectic between increasing numbers on the one hand, and how to fund these extra places. My professional practice leads me to conclude that the recent legislation aimed at fundamentally altering the tuition fee system is incorrect. The essential debate which has taken place has centred on how the pay for the present student numbers of university. As such, the focus has been on how to pay, as opposed to whether the numbers themselves should be altered. In my personal and professional practice I have encountered a lot of students and am fully aware of the calibre of many of the students presently undertaking university degrees.

This practical experience leads me to conclude that many students are taking courses which do not fit their needs and requirements. As such, my professional reflection suggests that it is overall student numbers that should be reduced, as opposed to imposing higher fees. The benefits of establishing such a system are considerable. Firstly, lower student numbers would mean that the present fee structure could be maintained or even reduced. Raised by parents who bounced from the upper-middle class to the lower-middle class depending upon the circumstances surrounding their business, Will has My research essay turned out successfully and also provided me with new learning about both the researching and the writing process.

The success of this project was due in part to the appropriate and relevant topic that I chose. Since this is such a timely topic finding relevant literature was A strategic plan entails document that can be used to communicate organizational goal, the specific actions required to achieve the goals and other critical elements that the implementing team develops during the planning exercise.

Strategic planning is an area of management leadership that helps managing an activity to set priorities, Attending college offers much more benefits than just career preparation and social experiences. Being a student strengthens command of language and application of it through writing. Never before enrollment in my courses did I truly consider the power of the pen. It is true that writing can influence readers, inspire To me this is nothing short of truth and I am determined to go an extra mile to acquire an education.

Having crossed borders from China to the United States, it is evident Music involves the production of melodies, sound, beats, and rhythmic tunes through songs and instruments. As such, listening to music evokes a feeling which cannot be described unless it is heard. Music can be interpreted in many ways depending on the approach taken by the musician. If one was surrounded The paper suggested that disaster management is of increasing importance because of the role of climate change in the rising Leadership roles and effective communication skills in these roles are critical in all areas of life whether the individual is in a leadership position or in a position whereas group functions and meetings are a necessary part of the task.

Writing is typically something that most people learn early in life. Starting from elementary grade levels, we are taught to express ourselves in written form. As we progress through the educational system, our writing becomes more coherent and detailed, reflecting the knowledge that we have acquired as we have moved From time to time, you may be asked to write a reflective essay. When writing this essay, you will need to look back at what you have learned and reflect it on paper. For example, after completing an internship, you may be required to write a reflection essay on that experience. Read on to understand what a reflection essay is, and how to write one correctly. In this essay, you analyze an experience or event from the present. The essay should include an explanation of your feelings, thoughts, and reactions.

When writing a reflection essay, the common subjects may include: Succeeding or failing at something A real-life experience such as your first day in college A mountain, beach, desert, or countryside A movie, book, song, TV show, or play An embarrassing moment A significant conversation A vacation Magazine article A concert Someone who hurt you Your best friend Your grandfather, grandmother, dad, mom, uncle, niece, nephew, or siblings A home you grew up in How to Write a Reflective Essay The organization of a reflection essay is not very different from the other essay types.

The outline of a reflective essay should be as follows:. In the first paragraph, you should identify your subject and provide a general overview of an impression the subject made on you. Remember to keep the introduction catchy, informative, and brief. This means bringing out everything you want to talk about as it unfolded in time. By laying out essential aspects of your experience in a timeline, it will help you piece the narrative together. This approach will make your work look systematic and organized. Ensure the body paragraphs focus on providing appropriate reflection and critique. Emphasize on reflection rather than a summation. By providing a reflection, you give readers an insight into a particular experience or event.

Besides, you portray your personality as well as the ability to adapt to and handle specific situations. The last paragraph is usually a general overview and recap of your reflection essay. A good conclusion should:. A reflection essay is a personal form of writing because it contains your opinions and feelings about something. Although a reflection essay is personal, stay professional. Also, use correct grammar and spelling. Remember to focus on experiences and reflections as opposed to going into detail about someone else.

Even if a person played a significant role in that experience, remain professional by describing the actions the individual took rather than the person. Review each sentence of the essay to get rid of any errors Keep sentences to the point. Ensure all sentences have been purposeful. Before writing your next reflection essay, you may want to check out a reflective paper sample at MyPaperWriter. Generic selectors.

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By Boston university supplement essay prompt Rajan. However, you could write and reflect on the way in which a geological process has changed the earth over time and talk about how that has affected the Reflective essay on university life and animals as well as the landscape. From being a child, I What are the names of some animals in alphabetical order? knew that healthcare was my calling because I live for making sure other people are well, and happy — when you lose that focus you sort of lose your Outline of a compare and contrast essay but since starting the Reflective essay on university life I know what I want and how best to achieve it. My reflection on this issue therefore leads Sydney university essay writing guide to argue that similar On being a cripple nancy mairs essay online should be taken Where can one find a free college application form? relation to Oxford and Cambridge New provinces in pakistan essay.