Essay On Multidisciplinary Nature Of Environmental Studies

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Essay On Multidisciplinary Nature Of Environmental Studies

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Is it largely because of a lack of political will and leadership at different levels of government? Is there a root cause? You can discuss and justify your claim. Post a Comment. Choose the best answer: The ultimate objective of the environment study is a To know more information about environment b To bring more awareness c To create a concern for environment d To begin to act at in a small way to protect the environment at our own level. Explain their contribution 2.

Questions for Activity : The following list is only indicative. No comments:. Most of the environmental problems are well known though we may not have found solution for all. The problems are both global and national and all these pose serious challenges not only to our planet but also to our way of life. Human beings are not separate entity.

Without a suitable habitat neither animals nor plants nor human can survive. Since the environment provides all the resources that are used in the process of production of goods or services, the responsibility of industry is of paramount consideration. Industry not only has to consider issues like profit, quality standards, legislation and regulatory controls but has to go a step beyond. Our natural resources are either renewable or non-renewable, the later have to be conserved and the use of former to be judicious.

Besides the issue of resources, our living style, rate of consumption and disposal of waste have created problems for manufacturing, marketing and management of landfills for wasters, air quality, water table and many other environmental problems. In short scope of environmental studies is broad based and it encompasses a large number of areas and aspects, broadly listed below:. The study of environmental science makes us understand the scientific basis for establishing a standard which can be considered acceptably safe, clean and healthy for man and natural ecosystem. Natural ecosystem includes both physical and natural science. Most environmental scientists agree that if pollution and other environmental deterrents continue at their present rates, the result will be irreversible damage to the ecological cycles and balances in nature upon which all life depends.

Environmental scientists warn that fundamental, and perhaps drastic, changes in human behaviour will be required to avert an ecological crisis. To safeguard the healthful environment that is essential to life, humans must learn that Earth does not have infinite resources. Furthermore, humans must devise new strategies that mesh environmental progress with economic growth. The future growth of developing nations depends upon the development of sustainable conservation methods that protect the environment while also meeting the basic needs of citizens. An environmental study is the subject in which we examine important issues relating to environment as they affect our lives.

It is an exploratory description of issues. Each issue can be probed more deeply. Environmental studies is very important but most neglected body of knowledge. It concerns itself with life support system and is very closely related with development and economic growth. Many a time both development and economic growth are not easily reconciled. We have to choose between environment and development. It has been the reality that the industrial countries have high level of development and decent standard of living at the expense of environment and depletion of natural resources.

The real question is how long is the Mother Earth likely suffer and how long this kind of development will be sustainable? Developing countries on the other hand are still struggling to achieve a minimum standard of living though they are also equally contributing to environmental damage. Both, industrialized and underdeveloped or developing countries, damage, deplete and pollute the environment. Developing countries want accelerated growth to fulfill their basic needs and real question is should they follow footsteps are their big brothers, yes Developed countries?

This is a bear fact that both the consumption and life-style of people have direct relations to environmental problems. Therefore, living habits and attitudinal and ethical questions have now cropped up which are main concerns for Environmental Studies.

Le industrie Gli Stati Uniti sono uno dei. Q: Multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies Write your answer Why is political What is the drawing toolbar? multi displinary in nature? What is the role of device drivers? have to choose between environment and The blind side essay on belonging. Log in. Institutes What does a physical map show? Environment 1.