How Can You Use Reading Worksheets To Help Students?

Monday, November 22, 2021 8:33:34 AM

How Can You Use Reading Worksheets To Help Students?

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10 Websites For Free Worksheets!

There are websites like PBSkids. There is also Seussville. Seuss characters to life. In addition to apps and websites, there are activities that you can use on your Smartboard as well. The inherent understanding that our students have for technology and the way that they all excel so quickly about all things technology makes integrating it as a reading strategy extremely engaging. As you know, when you get your students to connect what they are learning to something that they already know, there is a better chance that they will understand it better and remember it longer. When children care about something, they become more connected to it, which in turn helps them excel academically. Here are a few more questions to help students connect with their text.

Teachers not only use them to help enhance the classroom curriculum but to provide students with reference and support, to teach essential language skills, and to help students learn site words and patterns. Besides being a direct visual that students can reference throughout the day, teachers use word walls by incorporating various activities. Here are a few favorites. Students must use your clues to determine what word you are thinking of from the word wall. Spell-A-Shape — For this activity, the teacher would dictate several words from the word wall. Then, the teacher would select a shape heart, circle, and square and have students draw this shape on their paper and write the words that were dictated from the word wall repeatedly around that shape.

The Hot Seat — One student is chosen to pick a word for the word wall. Then the other students in the class ask that student questions to try and figure out the word. One of the best reading strategies that you can choose for your students is the ability for them to have a choice in what they read. This is the most effective strategy to get your students to want to read. When you give students a voice and a choice, then they will choose something that is of interest to them.

This makes it more likely that they will be motivated and engaged to read the book until the end. Start by asking questions to find out what the students interests and hobbies are. Then you can direct them to the section of books that you think they will be best suited for. Civic engagement provides excellent opportunities for students to serve others and their communities…. Search for:. Janelle Cox. January 20, Teaching Strategies. Home Teacher Resources Teaching Strategies. Share on facebook. Share on linkedin. This strategy can also help them learn about paying attention to punctuation marks while reading. The teacher or leader is modeling important skills to become a successful reader during echo reading activities.

In a remedial reading class, students may also have difficulty with vocabulary in stories and books. Echo reading helps students to recognize new words and read at a pace which is better for comprehension. If students read too slow or too fast, they will most likely have trouble comprehending what they are reading. Fluency and pace affect comprehension, and using echo reading activities is perfect for helping struggling readers improve these skills.

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