Research Paper On Human Trafficking

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Research Paper On Human Trafficking

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Research Paper Presentation on Human Trafficking

Modern slavery, referred to as human trafficking is similar to the traditional concept of slavery and differs from it in a number of important aspects at the same time. At the same time, there are some significant differences between the human trafficking outcomes and the outdated mechanisms of slavery. First, slavery is not a legal institution anymore, and for this reason the slaveholders have to hide their slaves and strictly monitor them to avoid publicity and prevent disclosure of their situation. Third, modern slaves are often required to pay off their transportation costs.

In this way, the victims often get into debt bondage, when the salary they get is enough only to cover their debts and the ongoing living expenses. Thus, the official abolition of slavery made the traffickers improve their criminal mechanisms to hide their activities and ensure biggest revenues. Currently, the existing studies on the extent, major reasons and mechanisms of trafficking lack consistency. One of the major problems with researching the problem of human trafficking is the difficulty of getting information from the hidden population and the unwillingness of former victims to participate in studies and give viable information.

The populations which are usually chosen for sampling are marked with strong bias and cannot be regarded as representative. Whereas the human trafficking research is currently in its early stages, the valuable findings of diverse forms and patterns of trafficking, including even extreme forms, might be helpful for better understanding of the problem in its complexity. More information on the existing state of affairs might help to increase the public awareness of the potential risks of trafficking and help potential victims identify the suspicious schemes and avoid them by all means. As a present-day form of slavery, human trafficking has become one of the major forms of transnational crime patterns, with its extremely high revenues and low start-up costs.

Importantly, people often voluntarily become victims of trafficking and even pay for their transportation, in the hope of better tomorrow and high salaries, as promised by the traffickers. Better understanding and improved awareness of the potential risks might prevent numerous crimes and tragedies. Shelley, L. Human trafficking: A global perspective. Tyldum, G. Describing the unobserved: Methodological challenges in empirical studies on human trafficking. Human trafficking. One of the key trends in the flows of human trafficking is that it originates from a country that has high levels of poverty to high-income and developed countries.

According to Barner, Okech, and Camp, human trafficking is a phenomenon that is majorly fueled by poverty, lack of democratic cultures, violence against women and children, conflict and post conflict situations, lack of access to education, lack of employment opportunities, discrimination, and lack of social integration However, the above vulnerability issues do not mean that high-income countries do not have their own cases of human trafficking. Although they are major destinations for trafficked humans, they account for a considerable share of human trafficking cases, mostly domestically Barner, Okech and Camp Women from poor backgrounds and conflict-prone zones are highly vulnerable due to the weak policies that have been established to protect them not only from economic hardships but also from traffickers.

Modern slavery is a blanket term that is used to encompass all forceful or non-consensual activities that lead to the possession of one human being by another via human trafficking, strained labor, sexual exploitation, removal of organs, and servitude Barner, Okech and Camp Despite being a developed country, which has put strong legislation against human trafficking and modern slavery, the United States is also affected by the vice. Approximately children in the United States are prostitutes and slaves. Other studies show that most of the people who work as slaves in the US are in the prostitution sector Mills Some of the slaves move to the country to work as domestic house cleaners. According to Palmiotto, estimates show that the United States is a major destination for internationally trafficked individuals and that it is ranked th in the world where approximately 60, of foreigners are enslaved The major modes of exploitation include strained work and prostitution.

At the domestic level, children and young people from the United States are highly vulnerable to modern slavery, especially through forced toil and matrimonies where more than cases of strained marriages have been recorded since Modern slavery is a global issue where 6 out of 10 of modern slaves are found in foreign countries, rather than their countries of origin. As long as the demand for slaves in one region prevails, it will be impossible to fight against the vice, regardless of the efforts that a given country puts in place. The vice is highly secretive. Hence, there is a need for more legislation and policies that will help to identify and break down the cartels that are fueling the vice across the world.

Human trafficking and modern slavery are also evident in our neighborhoods. For this reason, the world governments and powerful organizations have been unable to put accurate statistics on the number of people who are affected by the vice Kara Hence, it is difficult to identify who qualifies to be a slave in the society. Further, due to the secretive nature of the crime, which involves oppressions and threats, many victims never report or act in manner to raise an alarm, even when they have the opportunity to do so Palmiotto As such, the situation in the contemporary society allows modern slavery to thrive without the knowledge of the neighbors.

Slavery involves many activities such as strained labor, prostitution, and forced marriages among others. In the US, prostitution and strained labor are the most prevalent forms of slavery Barner, Okech and Camp Enslaved people are held against their will. They are forced to do difficult tasks such as hard labor or commercial sex among other activities where they get little or no pay. Most of them do not have valid documents. Hence, they live at the mercy of their masters. Becoming a slave is a mix of many factors that include poverty, conflict, and lack of opportunities among other aspects, which make people vulnerable.

The vulnerable people become easily swayed by promises of better lives where they are trafficked within or across borders to be exposed to acts of slavery. Fighting against human trafficking and modern-day trafficking requires a global approach where all countries dedicate more resources to implement legislation and policies that can effectively prevent the illegal transfer and enslavement of people both within and across borders Kara Currently, many countries where human trafficking and modern slavery are rampant have weak or no legislation to prevent the vice.

This unpreparedness opens many loopholes, which are exploited by traffickers and slave masters. Another important approach is to enact important policies and measures, which will lead to the unearthing of human trafficking and modern slavery syndicates while at the same time destroying them since they act as the main organizations that fuel the problems Palmiotto Providing resources and opportunities to the most vulnerable people is also another important approach to ensuring that people are not swayed into slavery through empty promises of better lives. In conclusion, human trafficking and modern slavery are major global problems, which are increasing by the day.

The situation needs proactive approaches to reversing the trend. The major factors that fuel these vices include the lucrative nature of the industry where human traffickers are able to give all possible incentives to win the hearts of their targets. As revealed in the paper, no country, including the US, is excluded in the vice. Hence, there is a need for a global approach where all countries will set aside resources to address the vices. Human Trafficking and Exploitation. Falls, Abraham, and Sheri Falls. London: Havoscope Books, Havoscope Report. Kara, Siddharth.

Mills, Bright. Human Trafficking: Modern-Day Slavery. Bloomington: Trafford Publishing, Palmiotto, Michael. Chicago: CRC Press, Need a custom Research Paper sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Table of Contents. Learn More.

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