Classification Essay About Environmental Pollution

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Classification Essay About Environmental Pollution

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Environmental pollution essay in english for students

According to research, air pollution is common in urban areas due to many vehicles that emit fumes to the atmosphere. Moreover, in urban areas, many factories release dangerous gases to the atmosphere leading to air pollution. In rural areas, the burning bushes and lighting of unnecessary fire also causes air pollution. In rural areas where farming is a common activity, farmers pollute the atmosphere by spraying chemicals to food crops.

Notably, since the earth is the only planet that supports life, it is necessary to avoid activities that cause air pollution. Therefore, all human beings should take into consideration the effects of their activities, especially those that cause air pollution. Moreover, people should understand that although economic activities are good for their welfare, they can survive for few days without food, but they cannot survive even a second minus oxygen.

This is the main reason why people should avoid all activities that contaminate the atmosphere. Many people do not understand the importance of keeping the environment clean and free from any contamination. Perhaps this is the main reason why many of them engage in activities that contaminate the environment. For instance, the exploitation of natural resources and industrialization can emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Additionally, green house gases also emit dangerous gases to the atmosphere. For example, green house gases such as sulfur trioxide and carbon dioxide are some of the dangerous gases that enter the atmosphere. Definitely, the destruction of the atmosphere is a serious issue of concern to many people, as the contamination of the atmosphere causes serious health hazards.

Undeniably, air pollution is one of the problems facing the world today. The challenge of air pollution started during the industrial revolution age. During those times, many people did not understand the effects of contaminating the atmosphere. There is no doubt that industrial revolution brought significant developments such as improved means of transport, cheaper merchandise, and the improvement of life. However, the development of technology came at a price. For example, the construction of many factories has increased the percentage of dangerous gases in the atmosphere.

However, due to increase of knowledge, many people are now aware of the causes and dangers of air pollution. For example, automobiles burn gasoline thus emitting dangerous gasses to the atmosphere. In addition, the incineration of products also emits dangerous gases to the atmosphere. Furthermore, smoke from factories also emits dangerous particles and gases into the atmosphere that is dangerous to the life of living organisms. In fact, the main reason why air pollution is more dangerous than other forms of pollution is that it involves the depletion of the ozone layer, which supports life on earth.

For instance, gaseous by-products from industries can cause death of organisms once they inhale contaminated air. Therefore, as the world becomes more industrialized, there will be continued air pollution and increased health hazards. In some instances, air pollution can occur from natural sources, which are beyond the control of human beings. For example, the destruction of forest by fire causes leads to air pollution. The eruption of volcanoes and dust storms are also other examples of natural air pollutants.

In some cases, the polluted air combines with raindrops to form acid rain, which is another form of air pollution. The effects of acid rain are catastrophic and they include the annihilation of crops, erosion of buildings, and destruction of other assets. Moreover, acid rain can also cause global warming, which is one of the very many issues affecting the world today. According to scientists, air pollution leads to climate change, and that people will soon start noticing climate change patterns and alterations. If there is continued air pollution, the average global temperature will rise and this will increase health hazards and respiratory deaths. Of course, the two major classes of causes of air pollutants are indoor and outdoor. How to write a dissertation humanities, self reflection essay english course.

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