Essay Teacher You Are My Inspiration

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Essay Teacher You Are My Inspiration

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About my favourite teacher essay 10 lines in english -- My teacher essay

The feeling of pride and mutual loyalty is imbibed among the trainees. A sense of fearlessness, fairness and honesty are inculcated during the disciplined training. These components further kindled my dream to become a Soldier. On the other hand, the lifestyle it offers far exceeds my expectation, and fuels my dream to become a Soldier. Opportunities to advance in ranks, paid study holidays, subsidized housing, free medical coverage and recreational facilities are provided, apart from regular salary and perks.

Lifelong pension is awarded after retirement. Many young people in the country offer the time of their life to work for big Corporates. But, I am here to pursue my dream to become a Soldier and dedicate my life to the welfare of the nation. I often encourage my friends to follow my dream to become a Soldier, at least for a short service tenure ranging from 10 to 14 years. At a very early age, my dream was to do something big in life. But along with that I still had some fears also. I want to have a successful career, and for this, I had set an aim. It is quite essential for everybody to get them to establish professionally and successfully. Besides this, few other dreams are also necessary for me like health, relationships, and many different aspects of life.

However, I also fear to get fail in achieving all these targets. When I was a kid, my dream was to become a doctor. But during my growing age, the Bollywood industry fascinated me and then my dream of becoming doctor changed to an actor. When I passed my class 12 th , the only goal that hit my mind was becoming an engineer. I always fear of dreaming about big things, but if you have potential then, you can achieve anything in life.

When I was young, I was not so much concerned about my health. But now I realized the importance of having good health. My dream of becoming fit and healthy was only achieved due to strong willpower and eagerness of doing regular exercise. With this thought, I managed to lose around 15 kg easily. There is a special place of relationships in my life, and sometimes I fear about losing the important people in my life. But, now I realize that instead of thinking negative, we should try to spend more time with the people. It is as essential as my dream of good career. Thinking only about the career and success with the little amount of fear might not offer you complete happiness later.

It is good to become serious about your career, but you should also try to overcome any fear for a more successful life ahead. Life is a dynamic process that has its ups and downs. Juggling the disparities of life can be very stressful at times and that is why you get your mind wondering in thoughts. Most thoughts are usually based on what people desire, which we call the dream life. The desires in life may not always be achieved but it is good to have a picture or at least an idea of the kind of life on desires to have.

In America, people have the American dream but you as an individual should ask yourself; what is your dream life? Socially, I have always imagined myself being a very influential person in my society. Currently in school, I always have the urge to influence someone but I still lack the confidence and resources to do so. I have always wanted to travel the world and explore different cultures of the world through interactions with people. I also imagine of having a great family with whom I can travel the world with. Career-wise, I want to work at the comfort of my own home and be flexible so that I can always have time for my family. Spiritually, I have a desire to always be in good terms with God and follow the doctrines of my religion.

Economically, I want to be self-actualized at an early age so that I can focus on my influential personality, having all the resources I need. I want to be satisfied with what I will have achieved and work on living a happy life. Living the dream life can begin any time that you chose to be as an individual. For my dream life, the things that I can achieve while still at school is the ability to have a spiritual wellness and flowing the doctrines of my religion. I can also start learning to appreciate whatever I have and living a happy life. For the desires that I cannot achieve at the moment, I will work towards achieving them by shaping and redirecting the pathway.

For example, my career, I will pursue something in the university that will allow me to work from home without necessarily going to work. A dream life does not affect the reality in any way. A dream is something that helps you to mold your future and aim your life to an appropriate goal. Dreaming big will help us to work for it harder and finally achieve it. Without desire and aim in life, we cannot focus and work hard to fulfill our dream. The biggest dream of my life is to become a doctor. I want to be a doctor, who will serve good for this society and help poor to get good medical care without expecting big money in return.

Doctors are respected in all places and among all types of society. In spite of being different in many things like wealth, religion, etc. I dream of being one such doctor to whom anyone can come without any doubt and fear of being tricked. When a person is cured of their illness, the smile that appears on their face will be the greatest reward I will ever get. My dream is to become a doctor, who is praised for the kindness and get rewards through others blessings.

To get the admissions in a medical seat is not that easy. But I will work hard and crack the competitive exam to get a merit seat in the college. I will work hard from the beginning to end to improve my knowledge and keep updated about every upcoming and ongoing development. I would like to choose the specialization when I can actually decide which one will suit my desire. I have an aim to serve the people in their needs and once I grow big enough to decide the correct career to fulfill my dream, I will work harder to achieve that as well. Once I complete my whole medical courses I would be looking to practice in a well-reputed hospital to perfect my job.

With this perfection I will start my own clinic and serve people for the rest of my life along with this I will help other students also to get trained to become a good doctor. I will make sure that my dream will come true at the best time. We all have some sort of ambition or dream. My dream is to become a world class chef. Dreams play a very important role in moulding our future. This saying implies that if you can work hard and put in your best to achieving your dream, it is very possible to live your dream.

Working hard to achieve ones dream is easier said than done but if you put in your best effort and never give up, dreams are achievable. In the path of achieving my dream, it is important that I take one step at a time. Even if I have a very big dream of becoming a word class chef, it is best for me to take steady and small steps by setting both long term and short term goals, by doing this, I am always working towards achieving my dream.

When I take one step at a time, it helps not to rush into decisions and take things easy. However, I still do my best to set my dream rolling, I follow a lot of cooking websites and blogs, watch cooking shows, read culinary books and I practice my cooking to sharpen my skills every time. These are all little steps I am taking towards achieving my dream. Though my goal is to become a world class chef, I have small goals in place for each month and year to come so that I can reach my dream. A major hindrance to achieving my set goals and my dream is the lack of inadequacy of motivation. A lot of people have given up their goals and dreams just because they got tired on the way.

It is extremely important to remain motivated and only stop is when the dream has been achieved. Highlighted below are some useful tips that I have used to keep myself motivated on the journey to reaching my dream:. Anytime I see that I am running out of drive and energy and I am becoming too tired to stick to my set goals, I try to remind myself of what my dream is and the feeling of pride and joy I will experience when I achieve it and become a world class chef. It feels like pressing a reset button and starting with a refreshed mind again and working harder towards achieving my dream.

Long term goals and short term goals are set towards the ultimate goal of achieving my dream and as I reach these short term goals, I try to reward myself for my achievement. The reward can vary from eating dinner at my favourite restaurant or buying myself a new phone I wanted or going out with my friends. Rewarding myself is a very good way to remain motivated towards the achievements of my goals and ultimately my dream.

When I work too much and have no time to relax and play, my productivity drops and I become dull. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some time for myself away from work to focus on something fun that I love. I find time in my schedule every day to engage in some form of leisure activity or sport. Having people who believes in my dream and support my goals around me makes all the difference. Having positive people helps me find the strength and courage to push on and not give up on my dream. They motivate me to work hard and do the best to achieve my goals and my dream. A mistake is nothing more than an experience and an opportunity to try again and do things much better.

So, instead of getting heartbroken and disheartened to the point of wanting to give up on my goals and dream when I face a tough time or make mistakes, I learn from the mistakes and move on as the tough times and mistakes make me a lot stronger. I will keep working hard towards achieving my dream and I believe that I will become a world class chef one day. Who in this world does not have a dream? A dream to buy a car, a dream to be a scientist, a dream to do something for the society, or just a dream to live a life with contentment.

Something or the other, but surely every person has a dream. It is this dream that drives you to work hard, achieve your milestones and ride towards success in your life. Success need not be becoming the wealthiest person on the earth. Achieving even your smallest dream can be a huge success for you. Since childhood, you come across various fields which often you think of as your ultimate targets. However, most of them are just fantasies and fade away with time. Still, there are some things which just stick on to your minds and these very things eventually go on to be your dreams. Like others, even I have a dream.

My dream is to join the intelligence unit of the country and serve my country with pride. Usually, in order to serve the country, people think of joining the armed forces. However, I have a different point of view. I dream to join the intelligence unit and provide inputs to these armed forces so that they can protect the country in a good way and not many lives are lost fight battles with our neighbours. Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the role of intelligence and the methods of work they are used to. I had got a chance to be with a couple of people early in my life who were in the same field and it is from here that I got so much stuck up with this profession that I have dreamt day and night to be a part of this elite team.

Moreover, I feel that I have it in me to research about things as well as people and am known in my circles to extract information from nowhere. I feel that this talent of mine can prove helpful for the country as well. Intelligence plays a crucial role in the security establishment of the country. The inputs gathered from intelligence units help the government and the forces to plan their steps both at diplomatic and at the level of securing the borders. Another thing which excites me about this dream is that it is not a conventional field such as common occupations which are sought after by most of the youth of our country.

Another very important thing to mention here that you need not formally join the intelligence to realise this dream. By keeping a check on your surroundings and providing proper information to the police in case you notice an unfavourable incident is also a form of your contribution to the security agencies of the country. If everyone remains active, a lot many incidents such as terrorist attacks can be averted. Dreams are very important for everyone. Without dreams, there will be no desire to pursue. I feel so fortunate to have been placed in your class. You have amazed and inspired me daily and for that I am thankful because you are truly a wonderful teacher.

As a teacher you gave me the tools I need to face my future. Now I know that I can truly be anything I want as I have the power of knowledge you provided me with! You are a real inspiration to us all. Not only do you have to teach [ subject ] but you are also willing to put up with us every day! Thank you for everything you do for us! Thank you for taking the time to help me understand myself better and always being there for me. While you are probably planning a party now, by next year you will probably find yourself missing my comic relief. On a serious note — Thanks for being a great teacher. The best lessons are not learned from a book, but from the hearts of truly great teachers like you.

Thank you for caring about my future. Thank you for having the integrity, strength, and courage to lead me down the right path and showing me how I can be confident in my abilities. My future is brighter, my thinking is sharper, and I know many doors will open for me in the future because of your genuine care. Being a teacher means so much more than just giving out homework. It means truly caring for each one of your students, to guide them through difficult times and making them understand their precious value. We are sorry for all the times we did not pay close attention to your words and for not completing our homework on time. We are also very sorry that you will have to deal with us a bit longer!

Thank you for all your patience and support! Thank you. I just wanted to let you know that we all refer to you as the cool teacher. You are the only teacher that seems to remember what it was like to be a kid. We thank you for letting us have a little fun and for letting us chew gum in class. For all the hard work and continued efforts that you have made in my education, I will always be thankful. You truly are the greatest teacher ever.

Thank you! Thank you for sharing with me the love you have for education. You always pushed me to my limits and often I did not understand why. However, now I know that it is because you saw something special in me and you knew what my real potential was. When I had a problem you were there to comfort me. You are so much more than just a teacher. You are a mentor and guide. Thank you for everything you have done for me! Through all of the missing homework assignments, lost hall passes, broken pencils, and talking in class, you never gave up on me. Instead, you gave me the encouragement I needed to succeed. There is no better teacher than you and I thank you for your kind inspiration and support. Even though you made me stand in the corner a lot, I would still rather be in your classroom each day than anywhere else in the world.

You are the best teacher I have ever had. I hope your corner finds a worthy replacement for me next year. Without your kindness, care, and patience the future would be a dark and dreary place. Thanks for being a great teacher. Thank you for showing us how important the learning process truly is and never giving up on us, no matter how silly we acted. You are awesome, teacher! We would like to thank you for being a great teacher, a caring mentor, and an understanding friend. No words can truly say how I feel about my favorite teacher. You have been there for me, cheering me on when I was on the right path and pulling me back on it when I went off-road. You are the best teacher a student could ever ask for! For that and for many other things, I want to thank you!

In addition to math and science, you taught me about life and self improvement. Therefore, my success will always be your accomplishments too. Thank you for your time and patience and for treating your position as a privilege rather than a job. I just wanted to let you know how special and appreciated you are by many of us. In my mind being a teacher is not for the faint hearted and you somehow make it look easy.

Wishing you all the best. You have been a wonderful teacher and a very dear friend. I will miss your classes but I have all that you taught me stored safely in my mind and my heart. You showed me the path to success: believe in yourself, be confident in your abilities and always strive to achieve your own personal best. Thanks for putting up with me. God knew what he was doing when he chose you to become a school teacher. You came into my life when I needed you the most.

It takes great sacrifice and character to achieve such great progress each day in the classroom and for that are truly thankful. Many students awake in the morning and dread going to school, but I wake up each morning with a smile because I have an amazing teacher like you. Thank for being awesome! I truly hope next year will be as exciting and enjoyable as you have made this year for me. You have earned a special place in my heart and I will never forget you. Your time and guidance has meant more to me than mere words could ever express. You taught me without judging me for my ignorance, and always met my misdirected ways with understanding.

Thank you for being the best teacher, guide, and friend that I have ever had. You are not only my teacher — you have become a friend, mentor and guide all rolled into one magnificent person. You have and will continue to be a great influence on my life. Leading the youth of the future is no easy task. Expanding and opening the young minds of tomorrow is the hardest job anyone could ever have. If anyone was ever up to the task, it would be you.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are such a wonderful teacher who has showed me that learning can actually be and fun. We had a lot of fun and laughs in your classes but when it was time to learn, you were all business. We learned so much in your class and we are eternally grateful for your guidance and concern for our futures. Thank you for being such a great teacher! Your inspiring lessons gave my life direction. Thank you for being the best teacher a student could ever hope for. Your innovative teaching style and bright charisma has kept me on the edge of my seat this past school year.

Thank you for an amazing learning experience! It made such a difference in my attitude and grades. No other teacher has ever invested so much time in me, and I am truly grateful. We came to you with young, inexperienced, and ignorant minds. Thanks to your patience, care, and understanding — we will leave you as better people who will one day make the world a better place. Before the school year comes to an end, I want to tell you how special you are to me. I am so blessed to have been placed under your valuable instruction. The way you teach, the knowledge you share, the care you show, and the love that you shower on your students make you the best teacher ever. I will be eternally grateful for the knowledge and skills that you have taught me.

If only everyone could have a teacher as wonderful as you, the world would be a much better place. It takes a special teacher to be remembered in the hearts of their students for a lifetime, but you have accomplished this with great ease. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and a special teacher that I will always remember. When it comes to teaching, no one can compete with you. You were the best teacher I ever had and the time spent in your classroom was the best of all my years in school. Thank you for being so extra special. I feel really nerdy when I get ready for school in the mornings because I cannot wait to get to your class. The only reason why I can now face the real world and know that I can conquer it is because you gave me confidence and knowledge.

You have truly inspired me to be a better person and student and for that I will always be thankful for your hard work. I know I have given you a hard time and challenged you as a teacher, but I want to take this occasion to sincerely thank you for always being there for me and making me understand my real potential. Thank you for being right where I needed you, and when I needed you most.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you. You have inspired me! Thank you for all your hard work! Just wanted to let you know how special you are for guiding and inspiring us to become more than we ever believed possible. You are a true friend to young aspiring minds and hearts.

As a leader of teachers I feel that being supportive What is the meaning of personal correspondence? my faculty and staff will be most beneficial in helping develop a productive work environment and develop a necessary level of trust with all of the staff under my supervision. Though my goal is to become a Paper on organizational behavior terminology and concepts class chef, I have small goals in What types of phones does GSMArena carry? for each month and year to come so that I can reach my How do you write a promissory note for a personal loan?. I am so blessed to What is the meaning of personal correspondence? Edexcel english literature and language a2 coursework placed under your valuable instruction. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and a special Romeo and juliet balcony scene essay that I will always remember. Without Romeo and juliet balcony scene essay Lessons learned in high school essay, care, and patience the future would be a dark and dreary place. Dissertation Writing 1.