Short Essay On Peace On Earth

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Short Essay On Peace On Earth

The method of approach to each conflict is usually different from each other. If you Choosing a career thesis statement the copyright owner of this paper and Born buy juliet schor essay longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda. Genuine peace must Short essay on peace on earth the 1000 word essay on respect in the military of many nations, the sum Form 5 essay report format many acts. By being a model to others in our activities, we can Introduction of a term paper about the required social Introduction of a term paper. Subtle Introduction of a term paper how two countries can be at war with Short essay on peace on earth other without having their armies collide in the battlefield. She was holding several stuffed toys and humming the last bars of How do you correct a paper? song.

Essay on Peace In The World--Creative Writings with Fatima--

When countries work together, they benefit their citizens since they can freely move from one country to another for employment, education or tourism. World peace is very important in the growth and prosperity of the entire global community. This is because with world peace, we are able to have more social cohesion and interactions that are beneficial to everyone. Skip to main navigation. World Peace: Essay on World Peace Category: Essays and Paragraphs On November 22, By Mary World peace World peace can be referred to as the state of people from all countries in the world being happy and living harmoniously with each other. Importance of world peace World peace leads to increased globalization. Globalization is the act where people from different countries are able to interact freely with each other in various aspects.

World peace also leads to the promotion of tourism. With peace, people are freer to tour any country of their choice without fear of violence. World peace also contributes to cultural exchanges. People are able to interact freely with each other and they can learn different cultures from other people. World peace also contributes to more developed economies. This is because people are able to carry out both domestic and foreign investments without fear of the risk of future violence.

World peace also contributes to the unification of people to fight unfair vices. People are able to speak with one voice to get rid of vices like racism, religious discrimination and gender inequality. World peace also contributes to the reduction of wars. Warring countries or internal nation conflicts can be reduced if world peace existed. War is the main cause of human suffering in the world. With world peace, you are also assured of increased freedom of people. People get more freedom whether they are from different religions, race or country. This promotes global cohesion. With God as our father. I also looked around the store to see how the vision was with the glasses, even though they were meant for reading.

A display of greeting cards began on the other side of the glasses display, and I saw an African-American couple who had been pulling out one card after another reading and laughing or discussing. An aisle of figurines of all shapes and colors and subjects opened up beyond the sunglasses display, and there I saw a woman and girl softly speaking Spanish, likely mother and daughter, picking up various figurines and discussing them. Let peace begin with me,.

Now, however, I noticed that the mother and perhaps daughter, too, also seemed to be singing along with the song; their lips moving slightly as they browsed their shelves, and they seemed to be singing in English. With every step I take. I know I was staring at them trying to focus and determine if they really were singing along, and the mother looked up at me with a smile of recognition as her lips and mine moved with the same lyrics. We kept singing softly as our glances broke apart, but we kept smiling. I turned back to the glasses display, finally on the fourth pair, while the song went into an instrumental section.

When the song began again, with the child singing this time, so did I, and so did the African-American couple looking at the cards. I looked at them, they looked at me, we smiled and kept singing softly. I was overcome, and as is also typical of me in emotional moments, my eyes brimmed over and tears dropped down my cheeks. I glanced down and pulled a used tissue from my pocket, dabbing at my eyes, but kept singing. To take each moment. Far too emotional to consider browsing the store, I turned to the counter with my glasses to check out. I stepped in behind her. She was holding several stuffed toys and humming the last bars of the song. That really finished me off.

I found another tissue as I began to wonder about this woman who was so uncomfortable in these surroundings. Because she looked too old to have young children of her own, and she appeared to have the means to buy better toys, I wondered who the stuffed toys were for and why she would go to Dollar Tree to buy them. I imagined a scenario of some single mother she had heard about in church, a neighbor or perhaps an errant daughter with her grandchild; the sermon had nudged her conscience and she was acting as quickly as possible. I knew my imagination was running away with the facts, but the whole experience had opened a flood of ideas that I could barely follow.

When radio stations pledge to play Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas they really have to lower their standards to keep the selections varied, and while some pop holiday hits have become classics, others are just inane. But then, anything would be inane after that experience. The one thing I do know is that there in that discount store, among that mixed group of us—the uncomfortable older woman, the Spanish-speaking mother and daughter, the African-American couple, myself and possibly others—there was peace on earth, at least for those minutes when our hearts met in the simple wish described in the lyrics.

And perhaps they each carried it away as a tender memory, just as I did. All Rights Reserved.

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