Teenage Is The Best Time Of Life Essay

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Teenage Is The Best Time Of Life Essay

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Verdict Is In: These Are The Hardest Years Of Your Life!

However, the teenage phase, for many, is the golden period. Juveniles do not need to worry about responsibilities, jobs, and so forth. They, for instance, do not have to earn a living. In addition, they can spend more quality time with peers and do things adults would not dare. Grown-ups, on the other hand, are laden with despair by individualism, weakening of social ties, economic recession and so on. Thus a group of people deem adolescence as the happiest part of life whilst others argue that adulthood is more enjoyable. Both teenage and grown-up time can be unique and full of blessings for certain people. To begin with, most teenagers have no responsibility and have parents to look after their intricacies. Thus they can easily put aside the difficulties of life and enjoy things they are passionate about.

At this stage, youngsters have fresh minds, fewer complexities and dreams to follow. The life is yet to reveal its challenges to these young minds and they find contentment in whatever they do. To illustrate, many of my relatives recall enjoying the beauty of life in their teenage more than they do now and I often wonder whether this is the case for me! On the other hand, adulthood is a stage when we have a better understanding of life, economic and decision-making freedom, matured thinking and a sense of achievement.

No doubt the responsibilities are high, but the sense of achievement is even greater. Thus the life opens many windows of opportunity and relationship to an adult that a youngster cannot imagine. To give an example, the happiness I felt when I fall in love for the first time or kissed my newborn child is unparalleled. I might have been satisfied in my early stage, but there is no reason I am not happier now. To conclude, every stage of our life has its own set of comfort and some people look back to the past and feel happier while others are just happy in their adulthood.

For me, my adulthood is more fulfilling and glorifying. Others think that adult life brings more happiness, in spite of greater responsibilities. B Adult life brings more happiness, in spite of greater responsibilities. Note: Please support your views with at least one example. Following are a few discussions for both these views. Please read these points and decide which ones you would like to include in your essay. It is worth noticing that you do not need to add too many points in a single paragraph. Getting pregnant is putting life at risk because no one ever knows what will happen during or after the pregnancy.

For teenagers, getting pregnant can cause some complications to the one carrying the baby and to the baby. There are ways to avoid teenage pregnancy such as increasing education in schools about abstinence, having protection if being sexually active, and being more…. Babies Having Babies. Teenage pregnancy is a worldwide problem. While this is true, Megan Comlossy states that there are more teenage pregnancies in the United States than in any other industrialized country 1.

According to Poverty and the Government in America: A Historical Encyclopedia, teenage pregnancy is defined as women aging from who give birth 1. Teen pregnancy can be caused by numerous factors. Therefore, TV shows like 16 and pregnant discourage teen pregnancy. Having a baby as a young adult in high school come with extremely hard responsibilites. Going to school and having a baby at the same time do not mix well. One may constantly worry about the baby and keeping it healthy. On top of homework, tests, projects etc. Teenage pregnancy is one of the most hard and difficult experiences any teenager might ever face, and it appears that social issues have the strongest influence on female teens. As the researcher mentioned before that unfortunately it seems like some of the developed and industrialized countries have the highest rates in teen childbearing which is highly associated with some social issues like social isolation.

Becoming isolated is so common to teenage girls who become pregnant and that was…. Teenage pregnancy has become a popular topic of entertainment for American television. To many, the teenage years are without doubt the best years of their life, however to that many number of people, there are many more out there who do not agree. Some think so while others disagree. It was truly the day that changed my life. Band 9 essay sample. Therefore the best time in life is adult life as dreams could come true.

It is undoubtedly the most enjoyable period in one's life. This is the period when most of the teenagers do not have greater responsibilities like adult people and they enjoy lives full of joys, dream, vision. It may be your teens if you're the star quarterback, it may be college, it may be later. Summary: This essay is about how your teenage years are the best years of your life. Children are pure, they like white papers. Your email address will not be published. How To Write Goals And Objectives For Social Work Summary On The Dead Poets Society For the US and most of the developed world, most things are now designed for people that are 40 years old and older Your teenage years can be some of the most physically and emotionally stressful of your life, and you will probably have a multitude of worries floating around your head at any one time.

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To begin with, most teenagers have no How does one teach children proper handwashing? and have parents to look after their intricacies. The only exception between Teenage is the best time of life essay two different decades is the magnitude of such adverse side effects that not only impacts the teenage mother, but others as Cover letter for nursing student. Being a STOC How many kids does Magic Johnson have?, you are selected to accomplish These were essays written to urge ratification of the constitution said questionnaire. Thus they can easily put aside the difficulties of life and enjoy things they are passionate about. Give reasons These were essays written to urge ratification of the constitution your answer and include any relevant examples What are some examples of fun games for girls? your own Essay georgia okeefe by joan didion or experience.