What Are Some Different Types Of Mobile Storage Containers?

Sunday, September 05, 2021 9:37:22 PM

What Are Some Different Types Of Mobile Storage Containers?

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UNITS: Why Portable Storage is the Best Solution

This option also has a high level of security, as would-be thieves would need to get onto the property and past the security system, then find your unit and break into it. However, despite these advantages, there are some serious drawbacks. You may need to rent a truck, which adds to your costs. So, if you find that you need something late at night or early in the morning, you might be out of luck. There are usually also only a couple of options for sizes, so you may not be able to get the exact right size unit for your needs. Many people have found that renting a self-storage box is much more convenient. The box is delivered right to your home or business and placed exactly where you need it. You can take your time loading the unit and can easily access your items any time you want them.

This way, you can also take your time unpacking. There are often more size options when choosing a portable unit and many allow you to add shelving and other features that make storage more convenient. Each type has its own specific qualities and size ranges to meet your needs. Refrigerated containers are great because they allow you to control the temperature of the items inside. If you are shipping food or perishable items, refrigerated storage containers are a great choice.

Insulated shipping containers are another choice that is designed for shipping or storing goods that need to avoid large temperature fluctuations. Businesses dealing with goods like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and certain packaged products can stand to benefit greatly from insulated containers. Open top storage containers are another option that is ideal for moving tall equipment or helping out at building sites. Lastly, dry freight storage containers are designed to keep products away from moisture damage. If you need to rent a storage container in Mobile it's a good idea to call a few weeks ahead of time to make sure inventory and scheduling works out. It's important to consider where you are planning on storing the container.

You need to have firm surface such as asphalt, dirt, grass or gravel. You also need to make sure that the delivery truck has enough clearance to drop the container onto the ground. It's usually not necessary to be on site when the container is delivered, but it's recommended. If you can't be there make sure there are no locked gates, and if you have a preference, give detailed instructions for where you want the container. We make it easy to buy and rent steel storage containers in Mobile, while PODS is focused on portable storage and moving. Our units are built with high strength steel and come with secure lock boxes and are wind and water tight. They are often referred to as sea cans, ISO containers or conex boxes as they are typically hauling freight and cargo on large container ships.

You will commonly see them at construction sites, schools, hotels, farms, and a variety of residential and commercial applications around Mobile. PODS units are smaller, lighter and are designed to be stored in a warehouse or shipped to another location after you fill it up. Hertz Equipment Rental Corp. Mobile Storage Container Hq.

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