Animal Farm Essays On Symbolism

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Animal Farm Essays On Symbolism

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The Animal Farm by George Orwell in hindi full summary, analysis and explanation

And as animal farm slowly spirals downward, it is the working class animals particularly Boxer and Clover that suffer and soon enough become viewed as the protagonists of the novel. But in contrast we see Napoleon and the other pigs as the antagonists of the book, because as the story progresses you see them becoming more like the tyrannical humans they had at a time overthrown. However, they did not start out like this during the revolution, only after they had taken a position of power, were they corrupted by their thirst for more power.

Nevertheless, they were not mature enough to realize the fact that, they are turned into the slaves of their own kind. The pigs become the domineering characters in the farm after defeating Jones. Keeping all the apples and milk came to be the turning point of the story, because it was from that moment onwards that the pigs instigated to tyrannize over the animals. The main reason for that was the greed for power. After a series of battles, Napoleon who was a pig went into power to lead the entire farm animal in their future.

All the pigs including Napoleon told the animal farm to work harder to succeed. Napoleon, who represents Stalin as an allegory, did all sorts of things to make the animal more equal. This was only just the start of tasting the power where he changes the wise pig, who everyone The reign of terror comes to an end when Old Major He even resorts to tyrannizing and killing his own kind. When Napoleon distorts the constitution he uses trickery and propaganda to persuade the other animals of its importance, and when this fails he uses fear. In the end, the animals become weak and Napoleon dominates them with his strength using fear and trickery as his tools. Farmer Jones using a combination of strength, fear and trickery initially dominated the animals at Animal Farm.

It is worse to suffer in ignorance than to know how awful the situation is and to endure it. In the novel Animal Farm written George Orwell the animal suffer from the situation of Napoleon leading, Orwell sates "things never had been, nor ever could be much better or much worse—hunger, hardship, and disappointment being, so he said, the unalterable law of life" pg87 Orwell. This tells the reader that animals are suffering from the corrupted leader.

Boxer, Clover, Sheep, and Benjamin suffer the most because they see the problem, they know Napoleon is not doing the right thing but they do not face the problem because either they are scared of Napoleon or they just do not want to involved in that situation. Boxer suffers from blindly following Napoleon, Boxer is the strongest animal on the farm and everybody admires his work, but when Napoleon begins executing other animals, Boxer tries not to believe that animals were killed by Napoleon.

When he begins to rebel against the Party, he is found out, brutally forced to rehabilitate, and required to conform to their ideals. In both novels, the authorities use their power to gain superior status at the expense of others, the government control of the population, poor treatment of the working class, and the disallowance of basic needs, illustrate the destructive nature of the antagonists. The government control of the population in both works is manipulative and brutal. The best three known philosophers of social contract theory: Thomas Hobbes, George Orwell's political fable Animal Farm portrays a reenactment of the Russian Revolution, with major characters cast as farm animals and communism renamed "Animalism.

The animals are at first subjugated by humans in a communal voiceless suffering, but Old Major inspires them A character who is integral to the development of the storyline is Benjamin, an aged donkey. It is unclear which group When one talks to God, they know He is there, but they do not see Him. They ask for help and expect it right away, which leads to conflict. Plath is The novel explores the concepts of propaganda, totalitarianism and tyranny impacting on the oppressed society with the use As we have seen in the book Animal Farm and during the Russian revolution that humans or animals, they would all always try to overthrow each other for the race of supremacy of power, everyone wants to be a leader and have a mark for themselves in the society.

Diffusion is the spread of an invention or discovery from one place to another. The spread of ideas such as capitalism, democracy and even religious beliefs has bought about changes in human relations around the world. So, diffusion often involves the expansion of ideas across the globe and it can occur many different ways, in this particular text we have seen the spread of the ideas of revolution we have seen the ideas of revolution first popped up in UK and then it around Europe and eventually it reached Russian which resulted in the Russian Revolution in the year , the book Animal Farm is a satire on the Russian Revolution.

In the book, Animal Farm, George Orwell has given us clues about the Russian Revolution, while talking about the same we can say that revolution had occurred in different parts of the world during different periods but they all had a similar motive to bring about equality and liberty among the people and to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, although they all had different ways of doing it, but the end goal was same. As mentioned earlier the novel Animal farm is a satire against the Russian Revolution which took place in the year , this was the time which dismantled Tsarist autocracy and led to the rise of the Soviet Union.

A lot of social issues cropped up during this time, at this time we had seen the peasants migrating from industrial to urban environments. The farmers were exploited by the wealthy there were forced to work for longer hours with higher pay, and they had no benefits what so ever, this constant suppression was a major reason for the uprising of the Russian Revolution during this time. The Russian society during the early twentieth century was bipolar, with power lying in the hands of the selected few, while the vasy majority of the people were under the rule.

Orwell has managed to throw light upon the social injustice and the fight for supremacy that was on during the Russian Revolution, the book Animal Farm is a satire against the ideas of revolution and revolt that took place during the Russian Revolution. The author has managed to smartly give distinct features to his animals that would represent the ideas and the people during the revolution. The pig Napoleon was a representation of the rich and wealthy class who never worked hard to gain anything on their own, they rather gained power and fulfilled their aristocratic needs from the poor working class.

The horse Boxer was a representation of the poor working class who would be exploited by the powerful for their comfort, and ones their needs were satisfied no one would care to pat an eye upon the condition of the poor. Symbolism and Allegory in "Animal Farm". Accessed January 22, Order paper like this. Did you like this example? Type your requirements and get professional help. Deadline: 10 days left. Number of pages.

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