What Are Some Tips For Keeping A Journal?

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What Are Some Tips For Keeping A Journal?

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5 Easy Ways to Start Journaling 🖊️

Then you go back to the concert and you find out that you missed your favorite part of a song…. This might just be a silly example, but it is possible that a compulsive journaling habit can cause you to constantly overthink your life. This can keep you from living in the moment and enjoying your life as it goes. This can cause anxiety for some people. Our minds are interesting, as the things that are on our minds can cause a reaction of thoughts. More often than not, we are unaware when our mind enters such a chain reaction. When you are going through a rough patch, journaling can cause your mind to spiral down into a chain reaction of negativity. In fact, most people find tremendous support by writing negative thoughts into a journal, as it allows them to clear these things from their minds.

But for some, this venting can result in a negative mindset. This can sometimes be prevented by simply not journaling about your negativity at all. A great example of this is Robert Shields. For 25 years, he journaled about every single 5-minute interval of his life. When he had to stop due to a stroke, he had produced a journal of Just think about the scope of such a journal. I was able to calculate this quite easily since I write my journal digitally. At my current rate, 25 years of journaling would result in roughly 1 million words. Robert Shields basically wrote 30 times as much as I do. I think this is the best example of how you can get stuck inside your journal. What happened is that partners stumble upon your journal or search for it and read it all.

In the examples that were shared in the comments, the journals were found by others and the ones that found it handled in a very immature way:. They used my insecurities against me. My failures all written down nicely — thanks journal! I think this is very immature behavior that is really just a result of insecurity and a complete lack of self-confidence. It took a long time before I personally told my girlfriend where I hid my journal, and when I did, I tried to make it very clear that this journal was not supposed to be read by others. I told her that my journal is just that and that it shows me at my best and worst.

In other words, some parts can be interpreted as hurtful and as such can be emotionally damaging. She knows where I store my journals, and I feel no anxiety whatsoever about it. To be fair, though, when I started journaling , I was ex-tre-me-ly scared that someone would stumble upon my journals. That brings me to the next tip:. When I started journaling link , I hid my journals inside the casing of my computer. One of the side panels was movable, so I crammed in my journal every time I was done writing. While not the ideal solution, this can prevent others from reading your journal while still enjoying the many benefits of emptying your mind on paper. This solution is unfortunately not applicable to actual hard-copy journals, but there are journaling apps out there that are protected by password or fingerprint unlocking.

Thanks to those who commented! Opening up about these experiences can be hard, but I really appreciate it! If you have another tip on how to keep others from using your journal against you, let me know in the comments below! As I did my research on this question, I noticed something very interesting. The truth is, all these scenarios are easily avoidable. The issue with these examples is that there is no sufficient moderation. You have to moderate the amount of time you spend journaling daily. This goes for basically anything you do. Running has a great effect on my happiness. But does that mean I should run every waking hour of my life? Of course not! The benefits of journaling, running, or anything really, diminishes as the quantity increases.

These examples of how journaling can be harmful are easily avoided when a little moderation is applied. And before you ask, there is plenty of negativity in my journal! At least, not as far as I know. Yes, for some people, the act of journaling can cause anxiety to set it. I think it shows a true example of how journaling can cause anxiety. My entries never made sense, it was just madness on paper. After a while, I was able to put my thoughts down in a way that flowed and was healing. Now, after 5 years of an on-again-off-again relationship with journaling, I have figured out where those feelings come from: Fear. Writing is black and white. Once you get it down on paper, you can see it for what it really is.

I think this beautifully captures how journaling can cause anxiety. Even better, it also shows the easiest way to deal with these struggles. Just write about your feelings of anxiety when journaling. It might look like my average diary entry amounts to no more than seven sentences, but in fact I spend an inordinate amount of time writing about my day — around forty-five minutes, usually.

That will lead to something else, most often: a bird being mean to another bird or the noise a plane makes. In order to record your life, you sort of need to live it. Not at your desk, but beyond it. A journal is a space where you can write freely, whether you are tracking your food intake or remarking on your own feelings. People use journals for a variety of purposes, but a journal is always a private space where you can be honest with yourself. It can also serve as a useful stress reliever. Journaling with Penzu is free, secure, and offers a host of benefits.

There are plenty of reasons to keep an online journal or diary. Here are a few of the most popular:. Penzu is a secure online place to create your diary. Because your journal is password protected, you can write freely without worrying that your work will be compromised. Best of all, because all you need is an internet connection to access Penzu, you can journal from nearly anywhere and your writing will never be lost.

Gone are the days of misplacing your notebook and all of its important contents! If you don't think you're a good fit for journaling, think again. There are so many kinds of journals that there is bound to be one that fits your lifestyle. Penzu is great for these types of journals, and more:. Bible journals can provide you with a therapeutic way to better cope with everyday situations, understand your feelings and establish a connection between your life and the biblical content. Read more. You may also want to review and consider your current progress on meeting these goals and acting on your plans. The process of self-improvement is one that is most effectively guided through goal setting , tracking, and attainment.

Vent these things out in your journal. It offers you a safe place to vent and work out those feelings. That is typically a healthier option than shifting your negative emotions onto someone else in an inappropriate way known in psychology as displacement. That is not to suggest that you should accept bad behavior from other people and just vent it out quietly elsewhere…. Journaling about the stresses one experiences in life is a good way to get it out of your mind without accidentally letting it leak into your personal relationships, friendships, or work relationships. Not only can you explore your thoughts, feelings, and emotions surrounding these experiences, but you can also keep an accurate record of your interactions with professionals, medications, and the way these things affected you.

A quality sleep schedule that works for you, eliminating junk foods from your diet, and regular exercise are all things that will improve your physical and mental health. Journaling about aspects of your physical health that you want to work on can help you determine a course of action and stay on the right path until you start seeing results from them. The hardest part of making these kinds of changes is sticking to the plan over a long enough time to forge them into new habits. You may want to include things like meal planning, scheduling for exercise or sleep, and what goals you want to meet with your physical health.

This is a great way to journal if you are the type of person who uses lists to stay organized and productive. Making lists is a simple and effective way to keep life organized. A bullet point list can be adapted to journaling just about anything, from health to hobbies to goals. Though there may be common threads, it becomes a practice with a lot of individual flair and style to it. Others might prefer to jot down their thoughts in a sketchbook while doodling in the margins as they contemplate what is going on in their life. However you choose to journal will help so long as you focus on staying honest with yourself, your choices, and your actions. We'd love it if you supported us by subscribing to it and clicking the bell icon to get notifications when new videos go live.

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