Basic Elements Of Essay Writing

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Basic Elements Of Essay Writing

When readers have gone through the introduction, it is Essays on james joyce eveline that they have full information Basic elements of essay writing what they are going Thesis of computerized grading system read. Paragraph Development and Topic Sentences. Consider the following opening sentence in relation to our essay question. Now draw three or four Essay on my first day in examination hall out from your circle. It introduces How can you find answers for MathXL questions? reader to the idea that the essay will Essay on my first day in examination hall.

Basic Essay Structure

This is the second of four chapter about Introductory Paragraphs. To complete this reader, read each chapter carefully and then unlock and complete our materials to check your understanding. Chapter 1: What is the purpose of an academic essay introduction? Chapter 2: What are the elements of an effective essay introduction? Chapter 3: What are some possible introductory paragraph structures? Chapter 4: What academic language may be useful in an introduction? Effective introductions are often composed of a number of identifiable elements that can be used to the advantage of both the reader and the writer. One of the most important elements of an introduction is its very first sentence. This sentence must both interest and inform your reader, as well as encourage them to keep reading and point them towards the topic of your essay.

Consider the following opening sentence in relation to our essay question. Once the reader has been introduced to the basic topics of the essay , the use of background information will help to inform the reader of any critical dates or statistics which are needed to better understand the content of the essay. These definitions should be clear and concise , and introduced early on to the reader:. Sometimes, a writer may also wish to signify essay purpose to the reader by highlighting or explaining the importance of the topic being discussed:.

By highlighting such importance, the writer hopes to encourage the reader to feel confident about spending the time necessary to read that essay. Indeed, a reader that feels they may learn something significant about that topic, or perhaps something enlightening or relevant to their own research or daily life is much more likely to read on. One aspect of an introduction that you may hear your tutor mention often is the inclusion of a thesis statement. In such a way, the examples must have served as a persuasive tool supporting your viewpoint. The same should be done when writing an argumentative essay.

You should support your ideas with certain examples and make the readers accept your point of view by providing well-grounded evidence in favor of your position. Answering a counterargument. If you add a counterargument in your essay, it will make it clear for the readers that you fully understand the material you are discussing in your paper. You should ask yourself what a person who is against your point of view would say to your argumentation. For instance, if the main argument provided in your paper is that going on a bus is the safest means of transportation unlike riding a bicycle or driving a car, than the counterargument would be that riding a bike is safer for the natural environment.

You will then answer that claim by providing arguments against this viewpoint to strengthen your own position. Again, if you write about the best means of transport, you might mention the electric cars that are also perfectly safe for the environment without causing as much harm to the surroundings as ordinary cars, but being more comfortable than bicycles. Counterarguments in your essay will disarm other people who might have a different position. If you acknowledge the opposite viewpoint and then refute this idea, you will make your own argumentation stronger and more mature. Generally speaking, any argumentative essay consists of such basic elements as introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion.

The elements mentioned previously are more specific and give a clear idea of how an argumentative essay should be structured. Just like any other essay, your paper should contain an introductory paragraph where you will give a preview of the information contained in your essay. The thesis statement should reflect the major idea of your argumentative essay, while the body paragraphs should contain all of your arguments in support of your ideas as well as counterarguments that will give readers a chance to understand the topic from different perspectives.

As for the conclusion, it should contain a summary of your ideas in support of a specific viewpoint mentioned in your thesis statement. Such a structure will ensure that your essay is written in a consistent and relevant manner to meet the requirements of your instructor. It is also the crucial part that sums up the argument, or concludes the description, narration, or event. It is comprised of three major parts.

The first part is a rephrasing of the thesis statement given at the end of the introduction. It reminds the readers what they have read about. Each element of an essay has a specific function. An introduction not only introduces the topic, but also gives background information, in addition to hooking the readers to read the whole essay. Its first sentence, which is also called a hook, literally hooks readers. When readers have gone through the introduction, it is supposed that they have full information about what they are going to read. In the same way, the function of body paragraphs is to give more information and convince the readers about the topic. It could be persuasion , explanation, or clarification as required. Mostly, writers use ethos , pathos , and logos in this part of an essay.

As traditionally, it has three body paragraphs, writers use each of the rhetorical devices in each paragraph, but it is not a hard and fast rule. The number of body paragraphs could be increased, according to the demand of the topic, or demand of the course.

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