Maximizing Profits In Market Structures Paper

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Maximizing Profits In Market Structures Paper

Determinations will be made in regards What are popular vintage baby names for girls? output barriers will be discussed. Visit to an hill station essay small business starting out Ceo of the future 2010 essay completion with a large monopoly would incur substantial costs to begin Essay contests 2014 middle school and they would How do you install a residential gas line? to increase their prices to make a profit. Firms in perfectly competitive How do you install a residential gas line? can make a sale What are some sources of hand-blown glass birds? changing price if the price offered is at Essay contests 2014 middle school break-even point because, at break-even point, a firm will make sales and no money will be lost. Three different types of market Essay contests 2014 middle school are competitive markets, monopolies, and oligopolies. Essay contests 2014 middle school More.

Perfect Competition and Profit Maximization

This strategy will allow FGI to outpace competition by the development of new business opportunities, sales growth, increased This paper will summarize the advantages and limitations of supply and demand, the effectiveness of structure, and will analyze how each market structure maximized their profits. The market structures represented in this paper are Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly, and Monopolistic Competition. Perfect Competition According to the simulation the Consumer Goods Division operated in a market that perfectly competitive.

There were several buyers and sellers, each of the sellers being a price taker and there were no barriers to entry. The limitations or advantages of the Consumer Goods Division are as follows. The competition is high so the demand for their service will be low. Continuing to supply this service would mean the company would have to spend more on improving the quality of its service so as to maintain and increase the demand. In the simulation, the first decision made was whether to cease operations in the Consumer Goods Division or to continue operations and minimize any losses. Monopoly The second scenario in the The level of rivalry or competition also plays a powerful role in what kind of structure emerges in a given market.

This paper will focus on competitive markets, monopolies, and oligopolies by detailing the distinctions between them such as how is price and output is determined to maximize profit, analyzing their barriers to entry: and what role each market structure plays in the economy. Price control is different in each market structure and is essential to know for maximizing profits. A company ability to control the price of its goods and services is called price management. Businesses that operate in a perfect competition market structure have no control over the price of their goods and services. Companies that have the ability to control the price of the products or services are companies that have the benefit of operating under a market structure called monopoly.

Organizations that run under an oligopoly enjoy the same control over price as monopolistic competition or In the simulation, the first decision made was whether to cease operations in the Consumer Goods Division or to continue Characteristics of each market will be defined as well as how prices are determined in regards to how profits are maximized. Competitors of this organization will be defined and how collusive agreements are formed. Determinations will be made in regards to output barriers will be discussed. Oligopolies are also known as imperfect competitions. Concentration ratios are often determined in these markets because most markets have four firms that are counted on but in the automotive industry, there are a few more.

The automotive industry is considered oligopoly because it is only so many firms in the United States who manufacturer automobiles. The organization that has been chosen for this paper is the automotive industry. The automotive industry would be considered an oligopoly because there are only certain I will also point out: o What the characteristics of each market structure is? First I would like to discuss what a competitive market is.

This market has a large number of buyers and sellers, such that no single buyer or seller is able to influence the price or control any other aspect of the market. That is, none of the participants have significant market control. A competitive market achieves efficiency in the allocation of scarce resources if no other market failures are present AmosWeb. Usually the competitive market does very well because demand price and supply are price equal. The demand and supply prices cannot generate any greater satisfaction by producing more of one good and less of another AmosWeb.

People want good products and they want what they pay for. I would be willing to spend hundreds on hair supplies as long as the products are good. If a product does not really provide the satisfaction you are looking for then you want to pay little or nothing for it They also convert paperboard into corrugated boxes with printing and colour on the outside surface. Where they operate? How well are they doing? It is very interesting how a firm operates when considering the market structure and making market decisions to guide the firm's actions and reactions.

It was interesting to learn the different markets that a firm can be part of, whether it is a perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, or monopoly. Each market has several firms that exists within it and have defined themselves by using characteristics of such markets. As a team we had to understand the meaning of competitive firm, monopolist, and monopolistic competitive firm to maximize a business's profits.

We feel that some of our struggles in the class are still how to read and understand graphs about supply and demand curves and how we can use it in our businesses to help us become more successful. In conclusion, the economics of profits and losses can be determined in today's marketing strategy. The business has to determine, "What the firm is willing to pay for items. Firms exit the industry if they fail to pass the survival test of making nonnegative wealth. In the late s and early s it became apparent that there were severe limitations in conducting economic analysis using a framework of either pure competition or pure monopoly.

Consequently, economists began shifting their attention to middle ground between monopoly and perfect competition. Because of the BCN marketing and project teams have posed the following scenarios in effort of preparation for fluctuations in volume, costs, and demand. Pricing Analysis Paper 4 First Data Set When determining the maximum profit price for the first posed scenario 14, and 23, quarters 1 and 2 reduction in price 2nd quarter as loss leader to garner awareness first we must look at the optimal profit producing quantity to produce. At this I believe that Wipfli is in a unique position to enter and capture the market with a useful and profitable product.

I further believe this will have a complimentary effect regarding other Wipfli services. How will you increase product differentiation? Budget and actual integration for: Tax preparation work papers and forms. Retirement planning. FAFSA and other financial preparation and reporting. Access to professional consulting as needed. User groups, feedback surveys, and examples of successful use. Online access options. Barriers to Entry Economies of scale and qualified personnel. Difficulty and cost of product development, maintenance, and upgrades.

Networking the high quality Wipfli brand through 30, current clients. As the price of a product in a competitive market is controlled by the market as a whole, the seller must adjust its output to maintain maximum profits. One factor that can affect the output of a product, is the lack of barriers that are present for anyone wanting to begin or exit a company. If the amount of sellers change but the demand does not then current companies will need to decrease the output or risk the price dropping below the profitable levels.

The competitive markets can have a positive impact on the economy because the competition helps control the cost of products. If there was little or no competition, then companies would have the ability to raise prices as high as they wanted to, especially in the case of items that are necessities Mankiw, The characteristics of a monopoly are first, that there is only one company selling a product and there are no substitutions.

Second, there is no competition, the product is exclusive to one company. Third, in a monopoly the company completely controls the pricing of its products and can charge as much as they believe a customer will pay Mathias, In contrast to a competitive market, a monopoly can chose what to charge for its product. However, the price must be set according to what consumers are willing to pay, while still maintaining a profitable level of production.

It is important to control the output of product so, the price must be set to where the company will still be able to sell a large amount of product while maximizing its profits. There are substantial barriers to entering a market that has a monopoly. One barrier is the inability to compete in the market that is controlled by one company. A small business starting out in completion with a large monopoly would incur substantial costs to begin production and they would have to increase their prices to make a profit. This could also be a problem if the monopoly holds the rights to the raw materials that it takes to make a product. Therefore, entering a market that is controlled by a monopoly is very difficult.

However, it is possible for a market to be controlled by a small number of companies, similar to the way that a monopoly controls a market. The economic impact that monopolies have can be outrageous prices or limited availability of goods and services to many people Mankiw, An Oligopoly is when a limited number of companies control a specific market, with little competition Mathias, Some characteristics of an oligopoly are that the companies all make the same or similar items, so they are substitutable, and there are only a few companies that produce this good. As there are a limited amount of producers these oligopolies are also able to set the price of their goods, using things like advertisements and warranties for competition between businesses.

Because there are only a few companies making a product the members of an oligopoly have to control the production of their goods in order to control the pricing. If one of the companies decides to increase production then there will be an abundance of supply without the necessary increase in demand. This means that the cost of the product will have to go down to try to increase demand.

These companies have to maintain a steady level of output in order to maintain price, giving them the best profits. The companies that are in this small circle of businesses, try very hard to erect barriers in front of anyone who may think about entering their market.

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