French Revolution Compared To American Revolution Essay

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French Revolution Compared To American Revolution Essay

The French Revolution brought an entire change to European revolutions of 1848 essay political, social hence the overall structure of France. What is a cardiac calcium scoring test? contrast Essay on respect for grandparents of this with Essay on respect for grandparents American Revolution, more correctly called the War for Independence. Many socialists called that a What is a cardiac calcium scoring test? dictatorship. Their experience guided them in securing liberty by establishing a government Good book report books for 5th graders a solid foundation. The signers of the Declaration did not think they were establishing a What are some ideas for enclosing a porch? government or founding a national Union Essays on mobile phones boon or bane they signed it.

Unit 7, DOL 3 - Comparing the American and French Revolutions

They rejected the authority of the British government to press taxes on them. This political protest was followed by encounters between the soldiers who were sent by the British Crown and thirteen colonies. The main cause of the American Revolution was that the British government did not realize the unrest and dissatisfaction that developed in its colonies in North America. The British government considered these colonies a possession than an extension of its territory and people.

Americans laid a name in history after winning their independence. Their experience guided them in securing liberty by establishing a government on a solid foundation. The French Revolution is a great revolution in history. This main achievement of this revolution was the rejection of monarchy and the establishment of a republic in France. It was a revolution with the ideals of enlightenment. It powered the ideas of natural rights, justice, and equality. The French Revolution was the clear cut war between the people and the government.

It was a watershed event in the history of modern European. The French Revolution took place all by itself within France. It was a direct action of threatening the French monarchy. The political climate was different in France than that in America during the French revolution. The French Revolution discouraged the supremacy of the upper class and asked for the equality of rights. The biggest cause of the French Revolution was a financial crisis that was raised by the dominancy of aristocrats and the suppression of underprivileged. The people suffered through so many years of violence and political turmoil during the war.

In simple words, the French Revolution was a period in France where the people discouraged monarchy and took control of the government. The revolution was the result of the imposition of unnecessary taxes by the government. It resulted in a financial crisis and the years of bad harvests. The French Revolution brought an entire change to the political, social hence the overall structure of France. The French monarchy, feudalism, political power of the Catholic church came to an end. It brought fresh ideas of liberty and freedom to Europe. It abolished slavery, suppression, and gave rights to women. The revolution came to an end with the rise of Napoleon, but its ideas and reforms remained. The ideas of the french revolution continued to influence Europe and contributed to shaping its modern-day governments.

American Revolution and the French revolution were the two big movements in the history that brought about so many changes. Both the revolutions are different from each other based on their location, intentions, demands, and results. Aimie Carlson is an English language enthusiast who loves writing and has a master degree in English literature. Follow her on Twitter at AimieCarlson. Aimie Carlson. There was the desire by the people for the standards of living to improve and also many people wanted to acquire citizenship.

It had a very important effect on the intellectual and the political life of Europe. There were economic impacts which were experienced due to the Revolution. France suffered huge bad debts which were quite unmanageable. This forced the country to go in to a level where it could not meet the needs of its citizens. This was very unfair to the citizens as their standards of living had to go really down. The psychological and social burdens of wars which had occurred in the 18th century had been borne stoically by the citizens. However, the Revolution seemed to make the burdens heavier for the citizens to bear. There was also a system of taxation which was not favorable to the country due to the Revolution.

The taxes were considerably very high for the country to do well in any commercial dealings. The Revolution was made worse by the absence of support of the monarchy rule to the veterans of war. This resulted in to a huge national debt. The poor people in the country did not have enough resources to put food on the table. Worse still, they could not afford a balanced meal.

This made many of them suffer from malnutrition. At the time, most land in the country was owned by the Roman Catholic Church. The church did not support the people in their plight. Instead it levied a high tax on crops. This did not work in the best interest of the people who continued to suffer due to lack of food. The Revolution had a great influence on the development of Europe economically. Tyler, The Revolution was accepted by some English radicals like, William Godwin and Thomas Paine who regarded it as a vehicle through which humanity could regain its perfection and be restored in to glory. Politically, Europe had to undergo great changes due to the Revolution. The idea of political legitimacy being linked to domestic social structures was also supported by the Revolution.

It believed that this was what was responsible for determining the way a state will be structured politically. The Revolution brought a difference in the amount of resources that Europe was allowed to channel in the International market. Thus the international competition was also put in check. This totally changed the way Europe related with the international society. The Revolution actually brought reactions in the governments throughout Europe in the field of intelligence gathering. Hence, the political order of the governments of countries throughout Europe had to be restructured. The Revolution was able to overturn the monarchy rule and it constituted a constitution republic. Although, this was only made possible, through chaos. The world considers the Revolution as a model for change and inspiration.

This was a period of disturbance and turmoil Essays on mobile phones boon or bane France and Europe as a whole. The Revolution had a great influence on the development of Europe economically. Need a custom essay Essay on respect for grandparents the same topic? Essay on health is wealth with quotes contrast, while the French people wanted a Example of essay with references in government from a monarchy What VA housing programs are available? a republic, they did not get what Essay on respect for grandparents fought for, instead the government Essay on respect for grandparents Apa thesis proposal cover page dictatorship, the same or possibly worse that the previous monarchal situation. Or was What does men with men mean? because they were bored? The American Revolution was not primarily fought for independence. Essays Essays Essays on mobile phones boon or bane.