Children Should Be Banned From Playing Computer Games Essay

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Children Should Be Banned From Playing Computer Games Essay

Moreover, What are some fun printable cootie catchers for kids? will prevent them Opinion writing prompts 5th grade doing other significant things like: helping their parents, cleaning their rooms and etc. Discuss both Nursing application letter to study and give your own opinion. Children should be banned from playing computer games essay it's very common in many How do you identify pronouns in English grammar? blaming their luck, to hide and cover their personality. Other people, however, say they are just harmless and help Opinion writing prompts 5th grade to relax. Do you agree or Essay about educational and career goal Need a custom Argumentative Essay sample written Children should be banned from playing computer games essay scratch by professional specifically for you? Children today are too dependent on computers and electronic entertainment.

Why Video Games Should Be Banned

However, it would be wrong for the government to take steps in censoring violent video games since it is something that is impossible to do. Proficient in: Communication. It was really easy to contact her and respond very fast as well. The government would require a great deal of money to stop the sales of video games. All the money invested would then be a waste. Many people against the law say that the government should spend the money in something more useful or needed. It would be a waste of resources to try and control the sales when internet is so accessible to everyone and can provide access to anything.

Furthermore, violent acts by children cannot be attributed to video games; there are a lot of things that come into play. Many known researchers have found that there is no link between violent behavior and video games. The most recent study was performed by Patrick Kierkegaard at the University of Essex, England; it suggested that there is no link between violent video games and violent behavior. Kierkegaard explained that the effect seems to be the exact opposite and one might argue that video game usage has reduced real violence Kierkegaard.

He also states that it is possible for certain types of video game to affect emotions, views, behavior, and attitudes, however, so can books. These can also lead to violent behavior on those already predisposed to violence. Nevertheless, many of the video games that are found to be violent are not created for children. These games are written for adults and have an effective rating system implemented on them.

It was created by the major video game manufacturers due to pressure applied by concerned groups about the content on video games. Many game companies now submit their products for rating by the ESRB. A number of factors are considered when rating games. They include the amount of violence, sex, profane language and substance abuse. The ESRB then gives an age recommendation and a content description to the games submitted. This rating system allows parents to know what each game contains and allows them to make responsible decisions for their children. As evidence shows, it would not be wise for the government to get involved in this. Parents play a large role in development of their children. They are the ones that go and buy the games for the children without paying attention to the safety measures already in place.

I have been a video game player for many years and have played every kind of game. Yet, the teachings I received since I was a kid are still in me and I have never had the urge to be violent due to a video game. Parents should take responsibility for their children and the government should not be responsible for the actions of the parents. Works Cited Dafoe Whitehead, Barbara.

Annette T. Rottenberg and Donna Haisty Winchell. Martins, Outdoor games are good for children. They make them fitter and stronger as individuals. Children who play games are healthier. They are also less likely to engage in antisocial activities. Better still, outdoor games require the participation of more than one individual. When children play games like football or cricket, they are also learning several social and management skills. They learn to share and work as part of a team. On the other hand, children who spend the whole time indoors will most probably spend several hours in front of the TV or computer. This may lead to several health problems like obesity and diabetes. These children may also find it difficult to interact with others.

Also, when they spend a lot of time on their computer, they are more likely to be exposed to inappropriate materials on the internet. All of these factors can have an adverse impact on their physical and psychological well-being. To conclude, it is not hard to see that there are several benefits to engaging in outdoor activities. Parents should not allow children to waste their whole time in front of the TV or computer.

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